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Play The Saran Wrap Christmas Game to Wrap Up Your Holidays

The Saran Wrap Christmas Game is fun and inventive. It is here to stay and will be played for several Christmas’ to come. Here is a list of essentials to make your house Christmas Party more exciting.

Saran Wrap Game Materials

You’ll require some paraphernalia for this Christmas saran wrap game. If you have had a birthday then mostly the same things will be needed, so you needn’t worry.

  1. Saran wrap – We highly recommend buying the really great ones from Costco because they are really long. Also, they are highly sticky making them the perfect fit for the game.
  2. Rewards to keep up the hype – We could have included an entire list below of what you need for this saran wrap ball game but you only need tokens, gift, sour or sweet candy, lights, and refreshments.
  3. Cards to boost morale and increase the challenge – Download some printable cards which are specific to the saran wrap game and incorporate these in your game.dice
  4. Dices and other play-able a– Get two dices or even a box. In case you lose a pair of dices, you can always rely on the box. It is good when adults have joined the party or even when kids are a part of the Christmas party.
  5. Scissors for the choppy chop – you will only resort to these if the attachment on your saran wrap game package isn’t working to get through the sticky saran wraps.
  6. Most importantly you will absolutely need a ball covered up in saran wrap for the saran wrap ball game.

We have been talking about Saran Wrap a lot but now you need to know how to make your own Saran Ball wrap.

How does Saran Wrap Christmas Game work?

DIY Saran Wrap –

  • Make the Ball and throw in cash 

Start by placing your ball inside a small round gift like a rounded lip balm case, a ball that bounces, or even a pair of rolled-up Christmas socks. Place it on top of a new piece of Christmas saran wrap that you got from Costco. It’s the ending of the Holiday season so throw in some cash and make the last person play the winner.

  • Add in tokens and other gift items inside the ball

Once you’ve learned how to add another layer or two of saran wrap, use a smaller token on the ball and drape it around the Christmas Saran Wrap Ball. Keep adding as many prizes as wanted for every few strata of Saran Wrap.

It may seem a little off-putting to use chunky and whole things inside like candy bars, puzzles, or even cards but that is the only way you improve on the mass and bulk of the ball.

  • Add the Challenge Cards

Christmas saranInstead of only using prizes or rewards, add in a few challenge cards as we discussed earlier and add them for many layers as is suitable. We like to use them upside down so that the players can’t understand what challenge lies ahead of them and how they can go about it.


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