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Modern Home Decor: Fashionize your Heavenly Abode

As we all know there is a famous line that “Style is a reflection of your personality”. The same can be said for modern home decor too. Outside of work, we like to spend the maximum time at home. Yes, we do go out once in a while, but for every human being, home is the ultimate place of comfort. Therefore, we must design our place in such a way that it is not drab and we can find comfort while leisure. 

Why is modern home decor important?

decorate your home appThe people of Greece believed so much in beauty that they created their own word “esthetic” which in today’s world we called “aesthetic”. We should try to maintain a certain level of aesthetics which would help us to cheer up when we are down and lift our spirits. That is why good home decor styles are necessary.


You can take a look at this article: “Modern Home Decor Trends 2021 Revealed: Top 10 Most Popular Interior Design Trends”, that will help you understand more about current home decor terns and ideas. It’s recently been published by Floately, a series of products with creative lighting ideas and levitation concepts.

Things that are necessary for a home decor collection:

room decoration appWe can add a nice looking classic wall clock, paintings to a blank wall, or a photo frame to blank walls. Furthermore, they give a more artistic look. Since a majority of us are working from their homes in this pandemic. So, we can decorate our place of work with idols, vases, or small plants. The living room can be set up with a centre table. A sofa set with furniture consisting of a shelf and a book rack can be set on the other side. During the time of festivities, we can improvise our home decorations with plants, furniture and many more. We can make the balcony decorative by adding plants and turning it into a mini garden. That would make the balcony a calm place to sit and relax. The bedroom can also be decorated with a lamp by the side of the bed and some dim lights. Hence, these are some of the home decor ideas to improve our utilization of space.

If we cannot get the exact idea, we can even make an impression about how our home can look by using some of the best interior design applications or Software

Some of the best interior design applications or Software:

interior design apps

  1. Sketchup: it is a 3d software that has a powerful design tool. Here, it is very easy to design much like using pen and paper. 
  2. Floorplanner: Here, we can design in both 2D and 3D dimensions. It is very easy and does not require a steep learning curve.
  3. Smartdraw: This software provides us with multiple furniture and floor designs and various types of layouts on how to use the blank space. 
  4. Planner 5D: It certainly has the best-looking view. Here, you can start from scratch or we can easily add a template if we don’t have much time. 
  5. Homebyme: This app will give us the freedom to use the actual furniture that we have used to utilize the space more effectively.

These best interior design applications will help to plan our space more effectively.


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