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Ginkgo Biloba Uses : An Alternative Medicine

Ginkgo biloba or alternatively known as maidenhair is an ancient medicine tree that was grown in China. Ginkgo biloba has a lot of uses and benefits, but only when correctly used. As ginkgo is known to have a lot of important elements that can prevent inflammation, increase blood circulation, and also remove toxic agents from your body, it is advised to research up correctly before using it. Not all medicinal plants have a positive effect on your body, so to know the negative side of ginkgo Biloba, this article will help you. 

Ginkgo biloba uses: side effects of using Ginkgo biloba as alternative medicine-

Ginkgo biloba extracts have a variety of usages in the world of medicine. It is a traditionally used medicine that has been known to help with ailments like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Hence, it is advisable to research it before combing it with their present medicines. 


Common side effects of ginkgo Biloba extracts are

    • Allergies to medicinal plants like ginkgo Biloba– If you are a person who is easily allergic to herbs and medicinal plants, it is advisable to see a doctor first before inculcating ginkgo Biloba in your routine. 
    • Diarrhea- Ginkgo Biloba is known to cause increased blood circulation and flow in your body, which may have certain side effects too. Diarrhea is one of them as unpredictable changes are occurring in one’s body if a new substance is added. 
    • Headaches and migraine- even though ginkgo Biloba uses normally state that it can  ginkgo-Biloba-headbe used to cure headaches and migraine, some people can experience the alternative. Many people have shown to react to it otherwise and have experienced greater headaches and migraines after having ginkgo Biloba extracts
    • Nausea and dizziness- ginkgo Biloba extracts can also cause slight nausea and dizziness in people who are using it as alternative medicine. Even though its uses are to treat symptoms of PMS and mental ailments, these side effects are common. Therefore always consult your doctor before you include ginkgo Biloba in your daily routine. 
    • Risk of bleeding- ginkgo Biloba extract tends to react negatively with certain other medications. To figure out how to counteract the negative reactions of Ginkgo Biloba there is a need for some more research. 
    • Negative reactions to certain medicines- ginkgo Biloba extracts may have some negative reactions to medicines like aspirin and warfarin. They are blood thinners, which cause some reactions in the body. Ibuprofen and Tylenol also react negatively when used in combination with Ginkgo Biloba

As it is always advisable to consult your physician to inculcate any new alternative medicine in your routine, you should also consult for Ginkgo Biloba extract

Right ways to use ginkgo Biloba extract in your daily life:

ginkgo-Biloba-medicineGinkgo biloba uses are various and its side effects are also many. There should be proper use of the dosages and supplements. Ginkgo extracts are available in capsule or tablet form and can be consumed normally like any other medicine. Ginkgo biloba tea leaves are also available to people who can de-stress after drinking one cup. It is not advisable to have ginkgo extracts raw as they are poisonous to one’s health. A person can take up to 600 mg max in one day. More than that can lead to adverse effects

Much more research is needed to know exactly how much ginkgo Biloba uses are beneficial to the human body. However, be sure to consult the doctor before you take a step in this direction. 


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