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Watch Out! Free Online Games Are Taking Over: These are the Reasons

The introduction of free online games has changed the meaning of games for human beings. Previously we all used to play indoor games, outdoor games but today’s world is stuck in panel games only.

get money to play gamesNowadays, these are very much popular among all generation people especially kids. But while playing one must know how much they should play, this hobby should not extend beyond the boundaries of the bedroom. One should have a balance between his game as well as other activities.

There are a lot of online games for kids, and addicting games available online. In the starting phase, games level are so easy that people get addicted after that many games ask for paid subscription.

Types of Free online games 

  1. Online Pc game 
  2. Web game 
  3. Mobile app game 
  4. Augmented Reality(AR)
  5. Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Online PC Games:

free games for kidsThese are such types of games that are played on the PC through an internet connection, all generation fun games to play online pc games. Eg. Fortnite, DoTA 2, Rocket League, Snake Games, etc.

  • Web Game

These are web-based games, thousands of such games are available on web platforms such as Kung Fu Panda World, Little Space Heroes, Lord of Ultima, etc.

  • Mobile App Games

games for kidsThere are various mobile free games for kids that are played on mobile such as Pictionary, Uno attack, Buzzword junior, etc.




  • Augmented Reality (AR)

    online games for kidsIt is a technology in which the real physical world can be seen in digital form. These are addicting games in which visual and audio content are integrated in such a way that it feels like real-time like Pokémon Go, harry potter, etc.

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

kids games online freeIt is the technology with the help of it we create a simulated environment which gives a real-life feel while playing. Online games for kids are also available based on VR such as Tabletop simulator, No Man’s Sky VR.

Effects of free online games

A lot of free online games for kids are available which really have a lot of worst effects on small kids.

fun games to play

  • Physical damage.
  • Aggressive behavior
  • obesity 
  • epileptic seizures
  • Isolation from society and friends
  • Wealth loss(asking money for extra levels)

Benefits of online games

Yes, there are a lot of benefits of playing games also but if we play in a controlled manner, not pushing out our limits for these online games if we push our limits then addicting games may lead to loss of our health as well as our wealth.

Some benefits are as follows:

addicting games

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Panning and resource management 
  • Pattern recognition, multitasking 
  • Simulation with real world  
  • Accuracy
  • Quick thinking 

Free online games may be beneficial if we use them in a properly controlled manner else it’s not free at all for a long time. It harms all generations of people. But at the same time if we use it properly we can really improve our skills.

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