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Top Paid Online Games

Games are loved by all generations of people. Games help to light up a person’s mood and help their brains stay sharp active in multiple forms or ways (puzzles, strategic games, etc.). People during their leisure love to enjoy playing games. In this situation of covid-19 people generally tend not to visit outside and stay indoors which has increased the time people spend on playing games now here we present 10 top paid online games. These games will help a person spend their time enjoying the games along with it they can earn money along the way.

Get Paid Real Money to Play Games

In here there are some ways by which you get paid to play games at home. For playing these games you will not need many assortments just a basic Android or IOS device with moderate to a decent internet connection. There are many websites like Freejackpot.com that pay you to play games along with amazing rewards.

How Gaming Pays

Generally, this game has the own in-game currency system (Virtual Economy), which is unique to the game. When you start playing any of the following games you usually get a sign-on bonus (Only applicable to new uses mostly) or you put some of your own money and convert it into its in-game currency and use it to earn money. In some applications “play games and win free stuff” is the motto. (Amazon quizzes etc.)

5 Top Paid Online Games

  • Swagbucks

how to get money games for freeThis game assigns people to do specific tasks including Playing games with over 475 Million users. This Website gives tasks or jobs like shopping, watching videos, searching for products, and playing games. There are many daily featured promotions of various games that you can play and get paid to play games at home in terms of Swagbucks.

  • RummyCircle.com

get paid to play games on androidIt is a secure and safe, easy, and fast Rummy playing online platform which hosts multiple forms of rummy challenges. There is a sign-in bonus of 27.5 Dollars for just joining the game. This platform helps us to get money to play games.


  • Second life

get paid to play games online paypalThis is a free 3D virtual world immersive. The users in this game are called residents they can create a virtual avatar of themselves which can explore the virtual world and interact with others while building a virtual life in it the users can take jobs to create shops and other objects. Following this process users are simply able to offer services to residents and get paid real money to play games.

  • Google Opinion Rewards

get paid games for freeGet paid to take surveys by taking surveys set up by the google team in the app and get paid in the forms of google play credits




  • DREAM11

get paid to play games at homeWith a user base of 100 million, this is a fantasy sports platform for sports enthusiasts. This game allows you to predict the outcome of a game and create your own personal teams and virtual games. The game user gets paid to play games online PayPal and many other methods can be used to withdraw and deposit.


Thus, we come to the conclusion that gaming pays a lot if done in the correct manner.


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