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The Future of E-Commerce- 5 Online Shopping Trends that Will Shape The Industry

Online retail e-commerce trends are being shaped by growth in the demand for online sales. It was also anticipated that as far as retail sales are concerned, it would account for 16% of the whole. The affordability factor when it comes to shopping online from hand-held devices at your disposal always played an instrumental role in the growth and shaping of the future of e-commerce. 

The Future Of E-commerce- A Trend In Online Shopping 

Growth in online sales works in tandem with the way brands promote or market their products virtually for the future of e-commerce.

Online retail ecommerce trendsSince more and more online companies are adopting different marketing strategies to entice prospective leads and clients, the manner in which the shop has also changed.

Why are online shopping trends important?

The online world is a dynamic environment. It is in a state of constant flux. With the advancement in technology, digital marketing campaigns, and strategies, it is important to keep track of the patterns and trends in the e-commerce industry

It is crucial to keep pace with the trends so that you can rework your digital marketing strategies for optimum returns. Analyzing the prevailing market conditions is not just enough, you must monitor the trends for adopting new means and measures that will help you to reap benefits. 

Let us find out few happening online retail trends and shopping behavior of consumers that are ruling the retail and overall e-commerce scenario. 

  • E-commerce amidst Covid-19Trend in online shopping

One of the biggest trends in e-commerce during this pandemic is the effect of social distancing. Since governments around the world have imposed restrictions, there is no or minimal interaction in person between vendors and consumers. 

As such, online shopping trends show an increase in demand for virtual spending on products and services. Not only that, with the concept of “contactless delivery”, even when you receive your consignment, you do not have to be in contact with the delivery personnel. You make the payment virtually and get the goods delivered to your doorstep. 

Sanitize your stuff before you use it. It is that simple.

  • Mobile shopping has gained prominence

Since more and more people are confined within the four walls during the pandemic, stirring out of the house is not a necessity anymore.

 Online shopping trends

 With the hand-held and smartphones at your disposal, you can shop from the comfort of your home or even while you are watching television. 

The more sophisticated and updated the model and design of your smartphone, the greater is the online shopping experience you enjoy. 


  • Voice E-commerce is growing 

Ever since the concept of “Echo” started doing the rounds, voice e-commerce has gained prominence. Statistics indicate that 13% of the smart speaker owners in the United States bought goods over voice message by the year 2017. According to OC&C Strategy consultants, 2018, this growth is expected to be by 55% by the year 2022. 

  • Social media platforms and online retail e-commerce trends

Ecommerce features on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook have played an instrumental role in boosting “social shoppers”. Most of the brands are turning to social media to enhance their position virtually and make their presence felt on social media.  Online retail trends

You will come across Instagram influencers that can work on behalf of brands and promote them in the process. As such, it is crucial for brands to adopt a “shopping focused approach” when it comes to working out social media strategies. 

  • Buying decision influenced by environmental factors

According to GlobalWebIndex, 2018, 50% of the consumers, that resort to digital shopping has stated that they buy products depending on environmental concerns. In other words, we all know that the concept of “Green consumerism” is fast catching up. So, “environmental concerns” are greatly influencing the consumers. 

The above are just a few of the many online shopping trends that are shaping the future of e-commerce. These will, however, change as times and trends change from time to time depending on the socio-political scenario.

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