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Some Handy Techniques for Garage Sale Pricing for your Knowledge

You are planning to hold a garage sale in your neighbourhood and you have sorted out the items that you are going to put on display for this specific event. Now, have you planned about your garage sale pricing yet? If you have decided to sell off all your items at one fixed rate (for instance, $10 for every stuff), then there are no issues. Selling a variety of items will necessitate distinct pricing for every product. Pricing your merchandise beforehand will make it convenient for you to organize your garage sale in the best possible way. Besides, there is an increased potential that the customers will buy your items. Given below are some useful garage sale pricing tips that you can follow to hold a gala garage sale in your home. 

Use garage sale stickers    

garage sale signMake a habit of mentioning rates on stickers and masking tapes. When you are holding a garage sale together with many families, you should label the initials of the families on the stickers, for example, M 50 cents, N 75 cents, etc. Once you have sold off the items, gather all the garage sale stickers. Subsequently, you can sum up the figures and distribute the sales proceeds consequently.

Putting up a garage sale sign is a good ploy

You can place a garage sale sign with stickers of various colours for various rates, for example, 25 cents for blue, 50 cents for yellow, etc. Subsequently, fix these stickers on your respective merchandizes. 

Selling items in bundles is always a good idea

You should sell your stuff in bundles, for example, $2 each or $8 for five items. In this way, you will be able to reach more enthusiastic customers. 

Rate stuff between 10 and 30 per cent of their retail price 

garage sale stickersWhile holding a garage sale at your place, keep a note of rating all your merchandizes between 10-30% of their retail price. Before going to organize it, you can discuss with your fellow garage sellers in your neighbourhood since that would give you a better idea of what rate you should fix for selling your items sensibly. 

The list given below will give you a fair idea about the standard garage sale pricing of your stuff: 

  • Books (hardcovers $1, paperbacks 25¢) 
  • Adult apparel – $1 to $3
  • Kid’s apparel – 50¢ to $3
  • The maximum range for games and toys is $3 (You can create a combo of small sets of resembling toys, well-organized in transparent plastic bags)
  • Ornaments – 50¢ to $2
  • Electronics – One-third of the retail value, or 50% of the retail value if they are new or in good condition in the box/parcel
  • Big outdoor toys – the maximum range is $10
  • Pots and pans (kitchenware) – price them between $1 to $4  

garage sale pricingYou should attempt to price your bigger stuff at an appreciated range to provide prospective customers with the space to negotiate. For pricing an item at higher than $10, it is recommended that you take a sincere attempt to sell it online instead of a garage sale.


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