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Online Shopping Trends- Foresight For Retail Marketing

According to the reports, the behaviour between the consumers that shopped offline and online reveal a lot about consumer behaviour. It was found that more and more vendors are keeping no stones unturned in adapting to the “new normal” as far as consumer spending is concerned in online shopping trends.E-commerce trends

Another cause of concern among the customers is that, due to the ongoing pandemic, logistics related to the supply chain are affected. As such, consumers are turning to online shopping for respite. 

E-commerce trends – Will it shape the future of e-commerce?

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it was reported, “There is a growth in sales electronically that jumped by 58% and sales of apparel increased by 34%.” One of the main aims of the retailers and manufacturers is that they are trying their best to work out their strategies so that they can compensate for the loss that they suffered ever since the pandemic struck roots. 

Most of the companies cut their employee salaries, few laid-off their workers, few shutters were drawn, and few start-ups collapsed head-on. However, the ones that managed to survive, are trying to work out these strategies of survival. 

Future of ecommerceFew of the trends in online shopping that are becoming the “new normal” indicate that there will be a boom in e-commerce in the near future shaped by the fallout of the pandemic. Data was provided by Intelligence Node, which is a retail technology company.


The reports related to trends in online shopping imply

  1. When the pandemic just started, approximately 31% of the shoppers purchased goods online. As compared to that, now 82% of the consumers shop online. They have also expressed their eagerness to continue shopping virtually even if the situation normalizes. 
  2. 60% of the consumers were of the opinion that, they will continue shopping online as the reliability factor is more virtually. This approach of consumers is in sharp contrast to what the scenario was before the pandemic. 
  3. 57% of the shoppers said that they are yet to save for the holiday season. 

Following the pandemic, another trend in online shopping is reported. Analysis of data also proves that although consumers are spending judiciously on matters. Trends in online shopping

  1. 1/3rd of the consumers expressed that they would incur less expense on school supplies 
  2. 47% of the consumers, however, wanted to spend the same money on school supplies as any other year. 
  3. Approximately 44% of the consumers said that they would buy private label stuff so that they could save some cash. 

What does the co-founder and CEO of Intelligence Node, Sanjeev Sularia say about Online Shopping Trends?

According to him, “Now that the retailers are trying to cope up by setting up their online outlets, they will continue to face difficulty even after the pandemic ends.”

One of the most important trends in online shopping will be that consumers will continue to shop virtually even after the pandemic. Even after the pandemic situation every functional aspects of life normalizes, people will continue to depend on digital shopping due to its easy accessibility. online shopping

According to Sanjeev Sularia, “A recent survey we conducted in the U.S. revealed that a whopping 82 per cent of consumers will continue shopping online, even once stores fully reopen. More than ever before, it is imperative for retailers to set up their online operations and adopt a digital-first approach if they haven’t done so already,” he said to E-Commerce Times.

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