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Solar Energy: The Ultimate Source of Energy?

Are you aware that the fossil fuel is a non-renewable resource and depletes fast if we use it recklessly? In this scenario, the world scientists have moved towards finding an alternative  power resource that will not deplete quickly or won’t deplete at all.
The Sun, being the source of solar energy, provides an infinite source of power to us, and it would never deplete, hence working as a great alternative for the future. Solar power is basically the method of obtaining electricity by converting the energy of sunlight directly (using photovoltaic cells) or indirectly concentrating the source of solar energy

Solar power energy 

In 1893, Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect, and in 1905, scientist Albert Einstein explained the photoelectric effect and that light carries energy. These became a giant leap towards generating solar turbines that produces electricity on exposure to sunlight. 

A solar turbine consists of semiconductors that generate electricity on exposure to a light source. Sunlight contains photons which excite the electrons of semiconductor to produce DC electricity.

This way, a series arrangement of solar cells forms a solar panel. CCS, experts in solar panels Newcastle state that we often see these panels commonly installed onto household roofs, but solar panels can also be used to create power plants.

Why Solar Energy, a better resource?

  • It is a clean energy source: It does not produce any harmful emissions like Carbon Monoxide, making it a natural substitute for fossil fuels. 
  • It is inexhaustible: Ever heard the Sun getting dry? Me neither!

  • It is inexpensive: The Solar cell was invented in 1977 decreasing the costs of solar panels by 99%, making it an affordable electricity source.
  • Cheap installation costs: Solar panels don’t require any high-level professional instruments for their setup or maintenance.

Current innovations of Solar Power:

  • In 2018, nearly 12.3 million US homes run on solar power.
  • Around 1.6% of electricity generation in the US is from solar power.
  • Solar-powered cars have better longevity and cost-effectiveness.
  • Remote places use Solar cookers as they have no access to electricity or natural gas cylinders.
  • In desert areas, people cannot use diesel-run motorized pumps. Hence, the use of solar-powered pumps helps to extract groundwater.

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