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Become an Expert on Garage Sale: The Fundamentals

A garage sale is a sale of unnecessary stuff that takes place in the garage or front yard of somebody’s home. This activity has various other names such as tag sale, yard sale, moving sale, and so on. It is quite a common concept in the United States. However, other countries are also adopting this concept. 

What is a garage sale?

garage sale stickersA garage sale is an unceremonious occasion for selling second-hand items by private individuals. Here the vendors don’t have to get commercial or trade licenses or accumulate sales tax. However, in certain territories, an authorization might be mandatory.

What items are present in a garage sale? 

garage sale warehouseGenerally, the stuff sold in a garage sale is unnecessary household items, and people who possess them usually hold the sale. The items are normally functional but their conditions might differ.



Much such stuff is put up for sale since the possessors feel they are needless and are only worthy of raising some money. They just want to curtail their belongings. “Spring Cleaning” is a well-known term and it often works as an incentive for people who want to make some more money. All the stuff of the vendor is put as exhibits for the bystanders or those people who react to handouts, signposts, newspaper advertisements, or classified advertisements.

garage sale sitesOn certain occasions, the television stations in an area air about a sale on a public television channel. Typically, the scene of holding the sale is a garage. Other types of sales take place at a carport, private road, in a house, or the yard in front of a house.

Several sellers are labeled as squatters and they conduct sales in a high-traffic region instead of their premises.

Usually, stuff sold comprise books, used garments, toys, garden and lawn equipment, household décor items, board games, and sports equipment. 

garage sale the officeBigger articles such as furniture and household appliances are sporadically sold through garage sales as well. These sales most often take place in suburbs or provincial regions during the weekends with clement weather circumstances. Sellers typically set specified hours for this sale. 

“Early birds” is the term for those customers who reach ahead of the selling hours for inspecting the articles thoroughly. They are habitual resellers or renovators. These sales also draw buyers who are exploring deals for uncommon and scarce articles. Negotiating for a price, also termed as haggling, on rates is a mundane affair. Stuff put on display doesn’t need to have price labels stuck on them. Also, there are always some customers who purchase articles from these selling events and renovate them for selling again.


Certain territories make it mandatory that the householders get approval (which might ask for a charge), mentioning the date(s) on which the event will happen. This is the garage sale permit. There is leeway if there is inclement weather prevailing. Besides, the territory might impose restraints on selling like the number of sales an individual can conduct annually. This is to make sure that an individual cannot operate a commercial enterprise minus licenses and without receipt of sales taxes. Hence, signboards are present in and around the locality, and even on the proprietor’s household premises where a sale might happen.  

Advertising for a sale

Garage sale offline advertising

garage sale picturesUsually, people do advertising for the occasion of a garage sale by putting up a signpost, normally manufactured with plastic or cardboard, in a public place. Signposts are present for the onlookers to observe the occasion, time, and venue of the garage sale. In several instances, signposts come with an arrow or any other way of showing the route to the selling venue.

Garage sale online advertising

garage sale njGarage sale online advertising is now a fad. Other than signposts, several sellers make publicity or advertise their sales in the dailies in a devoted segment or on websites. Garage sale sites and garage sale apps are frequently available for the convenience of both the sellers and buyers.

Additionally, scores of yard sale and garage sale apps are there both on Android and iOS platforms that are easy to download and will help you keep tabs on all the garage sales happening in your neighborhood.


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