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Wondering which is the Best IoT Platform for Your Projects?

What is IoT or Internet of Things?

Inter-related and inter-connected computing devices embedded with software, sensors, etc. forming a network with the purpose of transferring data over the cloud wirelessly is the Internet of Things definition. Well, now let us tell you first what IoT platform is in general.

iot growthMulti-layered technologies enabling straight-forward provisioning, automation, and management of interconnected devices in the IoT world. However, your hardware secures a connection to the cloud in a variety of connectivity options. The security of the IoT platform is enterprise graded with broad data processing powers.

IoT platform acts as a mediator between hardware and application layers. The primary task includes data collection over different network topologies and protocols, device management configuration and control, and over-the-air firmware updates.

Issues Facing over IoT security

What IoT security is?

Basically, IoT securing means securing IoT devices and the networks that are connected to the IoT platform.

internet of things growthBut practically IoT devices were not made with security in mind and in the general case, there is no provision of installing any IoT security on the device itself. Many network securities don’t have the visibility to know which IoT devices are communicating through it. Many IoT devices are shipped with malware present in them which affects the network it is connected to. Many users also aren’t aware of IoT security. Industrial Espionage & Eavesdropping is very common as hackers can take over IoT devices at a particular location. IoT devices can be victims of Ransomware attacks which is one of the nastiest malware ever. It encrypts your device and all your data. Then hackers demand ransom in exchange for a decryption key.

In October 2016, on discovering a vulnerability on a security camera, a hacker attacked social websites like Twitter and other platforms with nearly 300,000 iot video recorders and brought down those websites for almost two hours. So you can guess what can happen to the IoT technology used in health sectors, Energy grids, etc.

IoT solutions based on security

iot engineerWith complete network visibility, a risk profile can be built and IoT devices can be classified into groups. Then if the attack surface is found IoT devices can be segmented to policy-driven groups based on risk profiles where monitoring based on the activity areas will protect from external attacks.

AWS IoT Core key features:

iot edgeWell, AWS IoT core is an IoT platform where my devices connect to the AWS Services and devices.

AWS IoT core SDK uses MQTT, HTTP, or WebSockets protocols to exchange messages with AWS from mobile or hardware. Then we have a device gateway, which serves as the entry point for IoT devices communicating to AWS. Then we have a message broker that secretly transmits messages to and from devices with low latency.

IoT platform provides ready-to-use development features that help developers greatly.

Some notable IOT platforms are AWS IoT Core, IBM Watson, Thinkspeak, and Google Cloud’s IoT Platform.

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