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Voice Changer Apps – Are they Worthy?

Due to the constant improvement and advancement of technology, we can assume that there will be an improvement in the voice technology field. A market intelligence firm named Tractica focuses on human voices and technology. Like in Google Assistant we can change the voice by going to the assistant setting and change the voice. Let us know more about voice changer apps

How does a voice changer app work?

voice changer onlineThe voice changer can be used to change the tone of a sound. It can even add distortion to a voice. The voice changer app often has some stored voices or even maybe a celebrity’s voice which we can use. While delivering a speech we can alter the pitch of our voice to focus on certain parts to capture and captivate the audience and send our message to them. 

Best free voice changer for android

best voice changerAndroid is one of the leading operating systems for mobile phones all around the world and the leading operating system in Southeast Asia. As the number of users is high many of the programmers try to build apps and launch them. Similarly, in the case of voice changer apps, many of the programmers develop them but very few of them live up to the expectations. Here we present a few of the best voice changer applications for Android.

  • AndroidRock Voice Changer: 

It is a better than mediocre voice changer. It consists of dozens of effects which include old man, fan, underwater, bee, and many more. Here we can record a speech and then we can apply filters to it. It is a completely free voice changer. It is available on Google Play.

  • Baviux Voice Changer: 

real time voice changerBaviux Voice Changer is a very popular voice changer among Android users. It has more than 40 effects with an easy user interface, in addition to, a variety of options. It can be sent to anyone through any apps with support audio files. This app is available on Google Play.


  • RoboVox: 

It is an average voice changer app. Although it provides 32 different types of filters. We can also control the filter strength for various effects. It is available on Google Play.  

  • Snapchat: 

free voice changer softwareIt is perhaps the most popular app. Through Snapchat, we can change the environment, voice, and appearance too. But the main drawback of this app is that it drains too much battery. It is available both on Android and IOS. It is free but there will be disturbances because of advertisements. 

  • Voice changer by handy tools studio

It has simple sound effects like the bee, robot, and alien. This app has karaoke effects which add echo to our own voice. It is completely free but is often annoying with advertisements. 


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