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DIY: Project to Design a Switch-Based Circuit on a Breadboard to Control an Uni-directional Bot

This is a DIY project to design a switch-based circuit on a Breadboard to control an uni-directional Bot. In this series, we will bring you some interesting DIY Experiments using Integrated Circuits and Micro-controllers. In this video, you will learn how to design and control a robot that moves in one direction using tactile switches. So, let’s get started with this experiment. First, you need to gather a few components & tools. You can buy from your nearby robotics supplier or online sources.

  1. Breadboard
  2. Jumper Wires
  3. Tactile DIP Switch
  4. 1 Piece – 2N7000 MOSFET
  5. 1 Piece – 12K Ohm Resistance
  6. DC Power Supply (5V-9V)
  7. Robot Chassis with 2 BO Motors & 2 Wheels

Now, let’s come to the Construction Part

  1. Overview of the components

    Jumper wires, and DIY breadboard, power supply are the key components required for the assembly. The chassis includes the BO Motors fitted to the wheel. Notice that we have welded the jumper wires into the terminals of the motors. The battery will power the entire system.

  2. Main Construction

  • Let’s insert a switch into the breadboard powered with the battery.
  • Connect the Positive and Negative rails of the breadboard together using jumper wires
  • Connect the top right pin of the switch to Positive supply.
  • The 2N7000 MOSFET is the heart of our project. Insert it into the breadboard.
  • Connect a 12K Ohm Resistor to the GATE of the MOSFET, i.e. the middle pin.
  • Then, connect the Positive wire of both the motors to the Positive supply.
  • Connect the Negative wire of both the motors to the MOSFET’s Drain, i.e. 3rd pin.
  • And connect a wire from the bottom left of the switch to the GATE of the MOSFET, i.e. the middle pin.
  • Connect a wire from MOSFET Source Pin, i.e. the first pin to the ground of the power supply.
  • Check the circuit & Turn on the switches.

How do you like this one? Easy, huh? Wait till I come back with more such interesting DIY projects.


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