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COVID Related Deaths Have Even Surpassed the Spring Zenith

December 3, New York: The United States on Wednesday registered its single-worst daily COVID related deaths cases since the pandemic hit the nation early spring this year. Needless to say, that the pandemic virus related hospitalizations also reached an all-time high and the pace of life loss expressed no signs of going down anytime soon. 

Overview of Covid Related Deaths in the US

The number of US pandemic deaths crossed the 2700 mark on Wednesday, which happened to be the maximum till now on a single day. Virus-related hospitalizations crossed the 100,000 mark – more than double the number during the beginning of November. This is indeed a clear indication as to how the forthcoming days might look like. 

Commenting on the grim situation, an emergency physician from Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston. And interestingly, there are stark differences in terms of the spring pandemic and the current one. Back in April, the spread of the deadly virus was mostly concentrated within New York City and New England. Today, however, the heat can be felt all across the country as cases continue to surge along with deaths. While the April peak showcased the worst face of the pandemic, it was followed by declined rates in the pandemic deaths list as lockdown significantly altered the behavior of Americans. 

Nonetheless, with a prolonged lockdown, which eventually instilled a sense of fatigue among Americans; and recently during the Thanksgiving week, domestic travel shot up like crazy that ended up adding to the surge not only in the number of COVID positive cases but also an increase in the overall death rate. 

Expert’s Opinion: Worse Times Ahead 

As staggering as it may sound, but experts fear the worse since Christmas and New Year are around the corner, Americans are already celebrating planning is in progress. Physicians including the likes of the dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health opined that chances are that things are going to get worse as winters are already here. However, experts say that summer is not going to provide any respite either and that, daily US pandemic death trolls can only get trickier. 

What is of concern is that now the younger population of the country is the victim of the virus. Not only are they contracting the same, but many are also eventually succumbing to it, making it genuinely worse. Yet another physician feels that it is disheartening to witness so many young people falling to COVID 19 deaths US, which probably could have been avoidable. 

When enquired after the reason for an increase, a senior medical professional said that earlier cases seemed fewer because till now, only the tip of the iceberg was visible and now more of that iceberg can be seen. This is because of an increase in testing where a greater number of Americans are getting tested among whom several turn out to be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus. As the number of COVID positive cases rises, it brings along other complicated factors. The most prominent among them happens to be the inability to shift health workers from one city to another as almost every hospital across cities is in huge demand for health workers. 

Medical experts and authorities continue to remain worried about the forthcoming festival months, where they predict that COVID positive cases might simply receive yet another shot-in-the-arm resulting in continuous catastrophe leading to more COVID related deaths.

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