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An Overview on The New Era General Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the concept of designing a system with near-human intelligence that can perform various tasks with logical reasoning. It has ushered in a new era of computing, making amazing possibilities on a global scale. Let’s talk about AI or general artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence – The Beginning

future of artificial intelligenceSince the 20th Century, researchers and mathematicians have derived various algorithms to create intelligent systems. This is an ongoing process since the history of Artificial Intelligence. IBM’s Deep Blue computer beating Garry Kasparov in a chess game, autonomous vehicle event at DARPA Grand Challenge, Google’s advanced research work for intelligent object recognition, etc. were developed. 

What is General Artificial Intelligence?

Let us break this word down into two parts – Artificial & Intelligence.
So, what is intelligence? You may refer to it to be an artificial system that can take decisions intelligently. Also, if the system could be as intelligent as humans, referred sometimes as general artificial intelligence then it will be something great, right? Researches are going on for a better artificial intelligence future, globally. A lot of inventions and experiments on AI are taking place all over the world to make the future better.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

  • Narrow AI, General AI, Strong AI
  • Reactive Machines, Limited Theory,  Theory of Mind, Self Awareness


Type 1

masters in artificial intelligenceNarrow AI System is the most used amongst various types of artificial intelligence systems. You must have used a system like Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby, or Google Assistant, right? These are great examples of Narrow AI with a limited range of functions.

General AI System is a system for the artificial intelligence future. It will be able to execute a task with efficiency like a human being. It will think smart just like you & interact freely.

A Strong AI System is theorized to perform in a way better than humans. It will be able to perform real-world tasks logically, learn, and communicate amongst similar systems. It is of course, hypothetical.

Type 2

learn artificial intelligenceReactive Machines are basic systems that solve current situations with the best possible action possible. They don’t keep memories of past actions. Google’s AlphaGo is a popular reactive machine.

Limited Theory systems can store small amounts of data and execute tasks. For example, self-driving cars. It can analyze location data and cars around to predict a safe passage for you.

Theory of Mind systems is artificial intelligence machines that have capabilities relating to the human mind, with cognitive abilities and the ability to be socially aware and think freely.

Self – Awareness relates to hypothetical machines that will have emotions, sentiments, and self-awareness. It will be capable of thinking better and will be smarter than us!

Artificial Intelligence News

IBM’s latest AI System has predicted Alzheimer’s disease with higher accuracy in comparison to standard tests.

Artificial Intelligence systems are being used for COVID-19 Vaccine development and a suitable choice of drug.

Major Corporations and Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence booksThe most recent & notable artificial intelligence news is the development using Google artificial intelligence. Google’s AI app helped a blind man jog solo in public without any assistance.

In the popular online game, Dota 2, OpenAI – a subsidiary of Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla – designed a bot with the Elon musk artificial intelligence technology that defeated professional players in multiple matches.

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence is an advanced concept that will allow computers to think and resolve real-time problems like human beings. Many global corporations are researching this field for a better future.

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