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Important Tesla Inventions: A Mystery?

The famous Serbian-American Physicist- Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) has significantly contributed to the world of Science and technologically changed our lives forever. However, there are some Tesla secret inventions that remained unpublished that we should know about.

Let’s get started!

A list of 3 Tesla Secret Inventions:

1. Thought Camera

As sources say, during Tesla’s 1893 experiments, Tesla the inventor told a news reporter, “I became convinced that an image formed in thought must, by reflex action, produce a corresponding image on the retina, which might be read by suitable apparatus.”

He genuinely saw the reflection of a particular image on a given artificial retina. From there, the idea of taking a photograph leads to its on-screen projection. He claimed that if you do this successfully, the objects you imagine will reflect on the screen as they start to form. When talking about Nikola Tesla inventions, we should never miss out on the Thought Camera, and the creativity involved in it.

2. Earthquake Machine

In the year 1893, Tesla decided to patent a steam-powered oscillator capable of vibrating up and down. He manipulated this high speed of the mechanical oscillator to generate electricity. He told the reporters, one day he was trying to tune the oscillator to prepare it for the vibration for his New York City laboratory, and it led to the ground shaking. While turning up the power, he could hear some cracking sounds. He recalled how he got hold of a hammer and broke the concerned machine. If not interrupted, no one could tell what could happen to the building and what mishap it could have caused. Thus, the Earthquake Machine will always fall under one of Tesla’s greatest inventions.

3. Electric-Powered Supersonic Airship

Tesla proposed a unique concept, in which aircraft can be powered by electricity that is transmitted wirelessly, particularly from power plants. Tesla the inventor came up with such a concept to eliminate the need to carry fuel. Had this invention come out, it could have been one of the most important Tesla inventions.

We hope this extends the limits of your knowledge, and you have a good time looking at Tesla’s secret inventions. Good luck!

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