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Christmas Vacation Party Ideas

The most beautiful time of the year can also be a bit tiring with a long list of things to be done: trimming the Christmas trees and decorating it, hanging the Christmas stockings, baking as well as planning the Christmas vacation party!

Some of these Christmas party ideas, requiring little or no preparation can fill the party with holiday cheer, which will be hard to forget!

Ornament Guess: It is a simple guessing game to start any Christmas party. One can hand a slip of paper to the walking in guests and request to guess the number of ornaments used to decorate the Christmas tree. Who estimates closest to the actual number will win. In case of more than one individual getting the answer correct, one can take the entries and put them in a bowl before picking up randomly to choose the winner.

Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay: In this activity, the traditional drawing games are given a holiday spin. To draw popular Christmas carols, members form teams are required to compete. Once their co-players understand the Christmas carol being portrayed, they will have to sing in order to score points.

Christmas gifts

Candy Canes: It’s somewhat similar to the traditional card game, where participants are required to take a candy cane cunningly. This game works best for small groups, but one can play it with up to six players.

Christmas Gift Exchange Game: This game includes a funny poem to make everyone laugh while they’re exchanging Christmas gifts.

Christmas vacation outfit ideas:

  • The Holiday Sweater
  • Suit set
  • Blazer dress
  • Cocktail dress
  • Classic jacket
  • Stockings

Christmas vacation movie party ideas:

Christmas Movie Drinking Game: In this game, one can write up a list of rules that accompany the movie. Everybody takes a drink anytime one of those rules happens in the movie. 

Christmas Movie Trivia: In this game, one needs to print Christmas movie trivia sheets and then hand them over to all the guests willing to play. Further, they are asked to fill out those sheets on their own, or one can even host a live movie quiz for all the Christmas movie buffs. 

Christmas vacation cubicle ideas: 

Few ideas to add holiday cheer to one’s boring everyday cubicle are as follows:

  1. By hanging strings of lights on the cubicle.
  2. Rolling out a Holiday Rug.
  3. By using Holiday Mugs.
  4. Placing a candy bowl on the cubicle.
  5. By changing the Desktop Background.
  6. By lighting Festive Smelling Candles on the cubicle.
  7. Covering the cubicle walls with Wrapping Paper.
  8. By embellishing the cubicle with small decorations.

Christmas week vacation ideas:

Some of the best places for Christmas week vacation for a quick yuletide festive getaway are as follows: 
  • Vienna.
  • Prague.
  • Park City.
  • Charleston, SC.
  • Edinburgh.

National lampoon’s Christmas vacation gift ideas:

Christmas trees

Glass Moose Mug: It is an eight-ounce glass moose mug that can be used for drinking hot chocolate, cider, or eggnog.

Clark’s Dinosaur Pajama Set: It is a matching set of long sleeve shirt and pants covered with dinosaurs, like the ones Clark Griswold had. 

Inflatable Snow Globe Projector: It is an eight-feet snow globe shaped inflatable projector which plays five scenes from the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Moose Mug Light Set: These include a set of moose mug-shaped lights as used in the movie.

Christmas vacation shirt ideas:

Many families extend their festive celebrations by giving each other Christmas vacation t-shirts among other gifts. The t-shirts have messages related to the holiday spirit. One can get matching family t-shirts with reindeer or other Christmas characters as well quotes or characters from one’s favorite movie or sitcom.

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