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Christmas Party Ideas: A Christmas Lover’s Guide of Games

Christmas is the time for fun, love, and laughter and enjoying the best time of the year with your friends and family. Furthermore, with this guide of interesting and innovative Christmas Vacation Party Ideas, we will make sure your Holiday Party is one that people won’t easily forget. 

Vacation Party Ideas

christmas vacation ideas 2020

  • Christmas Carol Pictionary: Pictionary is no doubt one of the most common and entertaining Party games. Nothing can go wrong except maybe some intense competition when you are playing Pictionary with your loved ones. This Holiday, why not give this age-old game a Christmassy twist. Instead of films, race to draw everlasting Christmas Carols and sing them out when you get the correct answer. It cannot get more Christmas and Party!
  • Secret Santa: What is Christmas without everyone’s ever-favorite Secret Santa? Play it either at your office party or at home with your friends and family and have a gala time unwrapping gifts filled with love on Christmas
  • Christmas Charades: Another age-old, favorite Party game is, of course, Dumb Charades. Additionally, give it a Holiday twist Christmas themed phrases and classic Holiday films like “What a wonderful life”. 

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  • Never Have I Ever-Christmas Edition: Play this fun drinking game with your friends at the Party but it should be Christmas themed. Ask questions like “Never have I ever had eggnog” and see how many people take a sip. 
  • Pin the Christmas tree: Pin the Donkey’s tail is such a fun game. Play it this Christmas only with a Christmas tree. Blindfold your guests and see if they can pin and form a Christmas tree out of paper on the wall. Hence, the shapes that will emerge out of this will be positively hilarious!
  • Christmas themed 20 questions: Play 20 questions with Christmas and Holiday terms which can be as complex or easy as you want. 

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  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt: Play the infamous Scavenger Hunt with your guests but only Christmas themed. Decorate your house with everything as Christmas-sy as possible. Also, have them find as many Christmas objects and things related to Christmas
  • Christmas Photo Props: Everyone loves to click pictures of themselves and with their friends and family. Why won’t you when you are decked up and looking extremely nice at a Party? To make the memories of the Holiday extra Christmassy, here’s an Idea. Make Christmas themed photo props like a Santa hat, reindeer antlers, etc. for yourself and your guests. Moreover, have a special photo corner at your party where your guests can use the props and click fun and amazing photos. 

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  • Carol Singing: What is Christmas without Christmas Carols? To keep the Holiday spirits high have informal carols sing-along with Santa, Rudolf, and everyone else. 
  • Christmas Passing the Parcel: Play passing the parcel but the tasks to be performed will be Holiday themed and the music played will only be Christmas music. 

These are only a few of the many exciting Party Ideas for your Christmas Vacation Party. Hence, arrange for some of these at your next Holiday gathering and your Party will be the talk of the town, we guarantee. 


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