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Why Do We Dream? – Science Behind Dreaming

Dreams are hallucinations that occur during certain stages of sleep. They’re strongest during REM sleep, or the rapid eye movement stage, when you may be less likely to recall your dream. When you’re awake, your thoughts have a certain logic to them. When you sleep, your brain is still active, but your thoughts or dreams often make little or no sense. Let’s know the science behind dreaming.

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Dreams that help you deal productively with emotions, memories, and other information may seem very helpful. The dreams you remember are the ones that are ongoing when you awaken. After knowing the science behind dreaming stop dreaming about dreams and go dream about a dream.


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Aurora Chowdhury
Aurora Chowdhury is a Business Psychology Graduate from Kingston University, London. She has expertise in domains like Business Psychology, Management, Strategic Management, and Business Strategy. She has a growth mindset and strongly believes in perseverance. She regularly writes for various websites and also conducts counselling sessions.

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