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Staggering Times Await Americans Ahead Of Festivities

December 1, New York: Almost every day we wake up to the good COVID vaccine news or antibody treatments surfacing, offering hopes in terms of a respite to the year-long surge COVID that has already exhausted individuals completely. These COVID-19 vaccines and the COVID vaccine updates has created a rage among the whole population.

Despite everything and all the silver linings amidst a continuous dark looming cloud the upcoming festival time seems to throw up a grim picture with nearly one million cases being reported every week till now. Hospitals in certain regions of COVID United States, continue to overflow with patients affected by the virus and resultant deaths owing to the virus are shooting up on a daily basis. Most citizens say that their failure to protect themselves from the very beginning has caught up. 

What do medical experts believe regarding the COVID-19 vaccine? 

Medical experts now believe that as a nation, now the US has to embrace up an absolute transition that might end up lasting for too long, as the citizen brace up for the upcoming dark winter. Some experts predict that the death toll in the country by next March might end up crossing the 250,000 mark – a number to be definitely worried about. According to a dozen medical experts, including the dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health, the coming three months are going to be in fact horrible for all. 

It can be said that this particular crisis exposes the deep-rooted political disunions that might have allowed the pandemic to take a deep-seated root and bloom. Eventually spread its tentacles. Such an occasion is expected to determine the real depths of the ensuing winters. Even as healthcare professionals and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention earnestly urged Americans not to opt for holiday travels and cancel huge gatherings, the US Thanksgiving week registered more than six million Americans taking flights to fulfill some of their travel dreams, which was almost about 40 percent compared to last year’s air traffic. And outgoing President Trump seems to be somewhat reluctant in lending support to his successors in saving the lives of millions of his country folks.

Joseph Biden and his Plans

President-Elect Joseph Biden has already started with his groundwork in assembling sensible advisers along with a mapped plan for tackling the pandemic. Also, he seems to be tied up in certain ways, which might be prohibiting him from plunging into direct action right now. 

If sources are to be believed, then by the last week of December, the initial doses of the vaccine are expected to be available. While priorities are still being set, it is expected that the healthcare workers, residents of nursing homes, and others who are at a higher risk will be the ones to whom the vaccine will be administered. Now, how long will it take to reach the larger American populace, depends upon a lot of factors including the number of approved vaccines and how fast they can be made. 

In spite of an improvement in medical responses towards the virus can be seen, the politics of public health continue to remain a vexing challenge for the nation. As the country gears up for year-end festivities despite existing pandemic-driven challenges, the least one can do in such circumstances is to wait and watch – probably with patience for the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine.

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