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Outsmart Your Peers by Creating Your Own Website, That Too For Free!

One of the easier ways of picking up web development skill is to learn how to create a website in WordPressCreate website, even after having picked up the basics of it can still burn a little bit of a hole in the pocket. If you feel clueless about the beginning step and how to proceed, here is a step by step guideline that could help you.

How to Create a Website in WordPress:

create website from scratch

  1. Platform of Choice: To begin with, it is important to choose a platform for your website first. There are a plethora of options to choose from- WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Joomla, and Wix for instance. One could also try coding their own website from scratch keeping in mind that it would take a lot more time that way.  
  2. Domain Naming: Choosing a catchy name that would go well with the service you are providing could work wonders its core purpose, keep it crisp.
  3. Account Hosting and Choosing a Plan: A web host is a service that would take into account the files of your website and help you stay connected with the public internet service.
  4. Customize: One important factor of how create website is customizing it well according to the purpose. It would not only optimize and make it easier to be navigated.
  5. Add Content: The next step is to add content. Be it a blog, a business website, or any other purpose. Keeping the content to the point and updated is an effective way to keep the audience hooked.
  6. Install Plug-Ins: With the right plug-ins, a website could do just about anything. Platforms like WordPress especially offer a range of plug-ins to choose from.

Make the Website without spending a penny:

create website shortcut on desktop chromeWhile developing websites one must pay attention to the platform they are choosing and how create website for free. For instance, there is a difference between building a website on WordPress.org and WordPress.com, as the latter lets you create website free. It is advised to not confuse between the two.



Why choose WordPress.com?

how to create website on google

  • Free of Cost: While one would still require to purchase a domain name and web hosting, WordPress.com does not come with any additional charges exclusive to it.
  • Diverse: Creating website in WordPress comes with its own advantages as the platform could handle just about anything starting from personal blogs to a full-fledged e-commerce store.
  • Easy Interface: WordPress is extremely user friendly even for a first timer in the world of web development. It also does not require you to come with prior knowledge of coding.

With almost all the major steps and reasons covered, what’s stopping you further from getting started? Be patient and get going.

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