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Learn how to Create Website in WordPress, the Easiest and Prettiest Website Builder!

Why learn how to create website in WordPress?

create website easily

We live in a fast-paced world dominated by the trends and ways of the internet. To make a mark amidst all the competition, it is imperative to have your characteristic website. Not just that, it is also important now to know how to create website online. There are countless website builders today which allow anybody to create website of their own in their own way. You do not need any coding knowledge. You do not need to waste money on hiring professionals to create website online.

WordPress is one such website building platform that is budget-friendly and easy to use (check out other WordPress alternatives). Thousands of professional and personal websites are created every day just on this platform. As an application programming interface, WordPress is a free and open-source CMS (Content management system) that is written in PHP. It is paired with MariaDB or MySQL database and comes with special plugins to help build attractive and thematic websites.

Benefits of knowing how to create website in WordPress:

Of all the websites in the virtual cloud world, believe it or not, almost 35% of them are built on WordPress! So, you can also conclude that when you create website on WordPress, your product joins a secure and prospective community of WordPress websites, one-third of all websites!

The following are the key features that make so many people create website on WordPress:

create website

  • Allows you to create website free online.
  • It is the best DIY (Do it your own) solution to create website easily.
  • WordPress is super versatile and can run anywhere!
  • Many people trust this platform. 
  • It is super-fast and functions smoothly.
  • WordPress is open-source
  • It is ready with SEO and allows you to create website for business free!

However, those who want to create website in WordPress, must remember that there are two different platforms:

  1. WordPress.com
  2. WordPress.org

If you create website on WordPress.com your powers are limited. You have limited accessibilities and features and you cannot govern all that you do. But, if you create website on WordPress.org you can have complete control of your assets and accessibilities. You have more power and you are the boss of your own business!

How to create website in WordPress – A stepwise guide:

Are you in a hurry? Don’t worry. The following few quick steps will give you an idea of how to create website from scratch on WordPress:

create website free online

  • Choose a domain name for your website.
  • Sign up for web hosting (Bluehost is recommended).
  • Install WordPress via the Bluehost interface.
  • Select WordPress theme for free from the Bluehost onboarding.
  • Don’t forget some vital WordPress plugins that boost your site’s growth and security.
  • Now you can create website, start blogs, and make posts!

So in most cases, you can create website free. However, in order to do business and grow more, minor expenses for web hosting is mandatory.

Create website and do business!

create website online

If you know how to create website in WordPress you invariably save on the costs of hiring a professional to do the same thing. Moreover, you can create website in WordPress and learn market trends too. You will learn the business on your own and stay ahead of the competition! Create website in WordPress and you can run the website for as much as ~$35 annually. People often ask the following when they create website on WordPress for business:

  • How to Make Money by Blogging?
  • How to Integrate AdSense with WordPress?

Well, the answer to the first question is in the second. The DIY feature of WordPress allows you to learn and control your own assets online with the support of powerful SEO services.

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