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Get money to play games

Gaming has come a long way from its days of the initial release. With the progress in time making money while playing games has become very easy. Nowadays you get money to play games which can lead up to a stable income making money while playing games has multiple options.
Sitting at home with a decent internet connection is all you need to play games and make money. And showcase your gaming capabilities along the way.surveys for cash


How to Make Money Playing Games?

Competing in E-sports

Becoming an E-sports player is the best way to earn money while playing games. A professional e-sports may earn from $500 to $10000 on an average

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. A top-ranked e-sports player like Johan Sundstein aka” N0tail” had earned 6.9million dollars in the year 2019. If a player is skillful enough he or she might become a Member of an E-sports organization which can end up having a salary at the end of every month. Hence, we can say gaming pays if done correctly. 


Starting a YouTube channel

If a person does not like the path of a professional gaming carrier or does not want to game all the time. He or she can start up a YouTube channel to showcasing the gaming skills to the audience. Here the gamer can upload clips and stream which will also end-up generating revenue acting as the person’s income. For making a successful full career on YouTube related to gaming, the person can add humor and many other things to make the video go Viral. Having a large enough audience the gamer gets paid games for free by the game developers.

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Starting a streaming carrier on Twitch

Streaming games has always been a preferred occupation of choice for gamers. Streaming games on Twitch is the best platform to start with unlike other streaming or video platform Twitch is completely dedicated to gaming. Having a major audience of similar interests will boost streaming growth. Here viewers can even donate some amount of money to the streamer supporting them, apart from this AdSense. In the end, game streamers get paid real money to play games. There are also partnership programs provided by twitch to help up earn more. In this form of live Streaming games, the streamer can interact with its audience and get the general idea of what his audience wants too, and get paid to play games at home in the process of streaming games.

Gathering Sponsors

Besides having an E-sports career or being a YouTuber or Twitch streamer. A gamer can gather sponsors to help them in the income as they have a broad audience base helps a gamer gain sponsorship and promote the sponsor’s product to the audience. This sponsorship can help you play games and win free stuff.

paid online surveysOnline Gaming Tournaments

If a gamer is confident in their gaming skills, they can compete in online tournaments and can play games and win free stuff and also get paid to play games at home if there is a cash prize.


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