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Brain Fog Treatment: Some Handy Techniques

Brain fog is a complicated health condition and its treatment depends on the cause of its occurrence. One of the best techniques of brain fog treatment is making lifestyle changes that you can sustain over time. However, it is always advisable that you consult your physician before adopting any lifestyle modifications through diets and exercises. To get the best brain fog treatment option for you, discuss with your doctor. 

what is brain fog caused by

Is brain fog a symptom of depression?

Yes, brain fog can be a symptom of depression as well. Therefore, if you start feeling dejected, pessimistic, or have suicidal thinking, it’s sensible to discuss with a competent professional such as a crisis counselor or psychotherapist as soon as you can.

Brain fog treatment: Some useful techniques  

Listed below are some helpful techniques that can be adopted for the treatment for brain fog:

1) Ascertain your physical requirements

brain fog depressionYou might feel drowsy and difficulties paying attention if you don’t eat your meals adequately. Lack of nutrition is particularly harmful to your brain and you will have problems concentrating. When you experience brain fog and fatigue, you won’t like to cook a balanced diet and would rather resort to junk food or snacks. These foods are high in calories but low in terms of nutritional values. They don’t usually have much to offer you for enhancing your energy level. Eating too much fast food and snacks might have a deteriorating impact on your health, resulting in making you more fatigued and weary.

what is brain fog and what causes itBrain fog anxiety makes a substantial contribution to stomach upsets. As a result, you will lack the urge to eat as you used to have. After skipping one or two meals, you might start getting queasy at the idea of eating. This will aggravate problems and make you feebler. 

You can include the foods listed below in your diet plans to heighten your cognitive ability:

  • Fresh green groceries (particularly leafy green vegetables and berries)
  • Lean proteins such as poultry and fish
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts 

Always keep in mind that eating something is always more sensible than eating nothing. Besides eating, you should take care to keep yourself hydrated. Doing this will help you prevent brain fog symptoms. Dehydration is particularly detrimental to your bodily wellbeing. Besides, it harms your focus, energy level, and recollection. Do not go for any popular weight loss diet plans like the keto diet, paleo diet, or intermittent fasting.

2) Do exercises regularly 

what causes brain fog in the morningPhysical exercise or yoga has some salient benefits for people suffering from brain fog. You should be astonished to know that better cognitive ability is one of them.



Regular physical exercise can help you:

  • Better your sleep
  • Enhance your memory and better your response time  
  • Boost the blood flow to your brain

For exercising, you don’t have to hit the gym for a powerful workout (although that might also be useful). A prompt 15-minute stroll across the vicinity at a brisk tempo can frequently serve the purpose.

3) Taking a break often helps

is brain fog permanentYou might have something important to work on and finishing it is crucial for you.  Plenty of time has been devoted to the assignment. As it is vital, it is natural that you feel a bit concerned because it is not happening as you wished it to be. Therefore, you continue to check into your work repeatedly, cross-checking it, and ensuring that all are close to being faultless.      

Although you feel your focus is declining as you carry on with your work, you won’t be able to halt. Instead, you say to yourself that a break is unnecessary at this stage and will postpone your advancement, and you proceed.

Attempting to continue your work through a spell of brain fog is not typically the ideal thing to do. This is particularly true when you become worried regarding the consequence of what you are attempting to achieve.

brain fog feelingTake into consideration driving your car through a spell of incessant rain. You won’t be able to view the way ahead or focus due to the patter of raindrops on the windshield. Therefore, it is prudent to just stop over till the time the situation normalizes. 

A similar strategy works effectively for your brain. Don’t get on a spree of doing things while your brain becomes foggy. 

Just set aside 15 minutes from your work for some recreational activities such as reading your favorite book, listening to light music, or playing a video game. This will help you unwind and be more productive.  

4) Devise a stress management plan

Everyone experiences stress to some extent. Therefore, tailoring one or two handy stress management techniques is always an intelligent move.

brain fog and fatigue


  • Becoming habituated to say “no” to appeals for assistance when you’re already engaged.
  • Fixing limits to save time for personal care.
  • Archiving or recording your attitude and feelings.
  • Considering three techniques to handle nerve-wracking circumstances at any place.

5) Eliminate medical reasons

brain fog depressionAlthough you think that your brain fog arises from anxiety, you should discuss with your healthcare provider to preclude other reasons for it. This is specifically vital when you are adopting measures to cope with anxiety but still observing mental tiredness and issues with paying attention. 

Some other probable reasons behind brain fog feeling are:

  • Anemia (deficiency of red blood cells)
  • Lupus (ulcerative skin disease)
  • Side effects of medication 
  • Vitamin deficit
  • Hormonal disequilibrium 

6) Last but not least, talk to a therapist

brain fog cureThough all the above-mentioned techniques will help you handle brain fog in an improved manner, they are not permanent solutions for combating anxiety. There is no permanent remedy for it. So, a discussion with your therapist is recommended. He will help you get a clear perception of the triggers that cause anxiety in you so you will understand how to handle them productively.

Several people don’t realize that they are having anxiety because they don’t get excessively concerned regarding anything specific. The symptoms of anxiety differ from one person to another. There can be physical as well as emotional feelings. The people who are suffering from Covid 19 are more vulnerable to brain fog.

Talking to a therapist will help you pinpoint and delve into the reasons for any inexplicable mental indications. Therefore, turning to a counselor is always sensible. 


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