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Amazing Christmas Party Vacation Ideas for the Ultimate Party Host!

Amp up your Christmas Holiday by innovating your home or office party with these amazing ideas. 

Here are some Christmas Vacation Party Ideas

  • The Dundies

christmas vacation ideas californiaWell, those of you who aren’t into watching Sitcoms and have never heard of the Office, here is the best possible solution to your boring Christmas parties. Give out awards to your employees. Appreciate them for their small achievements and keep the holiday spirit high. 


Be Prepared – No, this isn’t the Guide anthem! Prepare yourself like you are there to party. Own that Santa attire, bring in the sweet things, jazz up the music and get the party rolling to add to your Christmas Vacation Party idealist

  • Christmas Quiz

How much do your guests really know about Christmas? Test them with some questions and popping items from your Christmas Vacation Party Ideas

  • Scavenger hunt

Everybody loves a good old scavenger hunt. Keep your guests hunting with beautiful party decors scattered around the house and give clues to get to the main treasure. 

  • Sing-a-long

christmas break vacation ideasSurprise your guests by arranging for a karaoke night. Some music always gets the crowd grooving. Start with the Christmas tracks and see your family rejoice. 



  • Does anybody need some tissues? 

This is a new addition to everyone’s Christmas vacation party idea. Knock out as many jingles as you can from the tissue box and put those empty tissue boxes to good use. 

  • Couples game 

good christmas vacation ideasThis game is for those who are young at heart. Get paired up with a similar card and spend the evening with them. Have a lovely holiday and get to know someone new. 



  • It’s improv-time

Improvise with your guests and get to select from a random assortment of movie stars and TV roles they acted in. Beat the other guests and wait for the reward. 

  • Mad libs for grown-ups 

Mad libs aren’t only for kids. Put your amazing vocabulary to use and rule the room by stunning your audiences and teammates. 

  • Get them printable ready! 

christmas week vacation ideasThis Christmas, get ready to pop out exclusive new decor. From reindeer hats to Santa mustaches, get your dream assortment ready for the best photo booth. Choose a well-decorated corner of your room and make the most out of your memories. 

  • Gift exchange

Gift exchanges are an old idea but they are here to stay. Mix and match up those party people who do not get along. It will be a fun attempt for the people at your party to get to know each other. 


christmas vacation ideas near meAsk your guests to fill up the bingo sheet with a range of the life experiences that have stuck with them. The perfect party Ice-breaker, this Christmas Vacation Party Ideas will surely get you the cheer you need. 


Connections for life

Let none of your guests feel left out with this game. Fill in a sheet with Christmas themed ideas and ask your guests to bond over how they would go about each of these Christmas Vacation party ideas. These party ideas will not only make you famous in your neighborhood but will also give you the satisfaction of celebrating this day to the fullest. So, if you are a Christmas-obsessed individual, don’t waste your time and jump to try these Christmas Vacation Party Ideas.


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