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Electric Vehicles Fact Check- Taming Pollution and Maintenance cost

Electric vehicles form an integral part or rather a tool to manage the goals slated for meeting climate change. They find a mention and help in fulfilling “mitigation pathways” that can restrict warming to below 2C or 1.5C. Interestingly, this would be in tandem with the targets set by the Paris Agreement. Let’s find out will electric vehicles really reduce pollution?

Will electric vehicles really reduce pollution

It has been found that no direct emission of greenhouse gas takes place with electric vehicles. However, a considerable amount of electricity that these vehicles run on is from fossil fuels. For a quick fact check, let us find out what the studies show-

electric vehicle design

  • If you go through reports, you will find that electric vehicles have successfully been able to reduce air pollution as compared to their counterparts, the internal combustion engines, particularly in Europe. 
  • In those countries, where electricity is still generated by coal-intensive manufacturing, the benefits of these electric vehicles may not be pronounced. But there is a transition taking place. As the decarbonizing process gains momentum, and the use of coal diminishes, driving emissions will notably decline over the years. 
  • An instance explains it better. In the United Kingdom, for example in the year 2019, the lifetime emissions per kilometer in the case of a Nissan Leaf EV vehicle was approximate, 3 times lower in comparison to the conventional vehicles that use internal combustion processes. 
  • It may be mentioned here that if you seek a comparison between electric vehicles and internal combustion ones, there are several parameters that you have to take into account. These might include accuracy of fuel economy, size of the car, and even the terrain where these cars are used. 

Reducing air pollution coupled with the low cost of maintenance surely makes the explanation easier as to why electric vehicles are the future. 

You will find out more about the cost and frequency of maintenance of the electric vehicles when we talk about “How often do electric cars need servicing” below, 

electric vehicle trainingEarlier, automakers were not confident enough to take on the risk of manufacturing electric, plug-in, or hybrid vehicles. However, these days, aside from the well-known automakers, you will find that even the not-so-known manufacturers have a project or manufacturing electric vehicles underway. If not at least they have one such product in their kitty to offer. 

This is also one of the reasons why you will witness a greater shift to electric vehicles over the years or soon. Let us find out more about the topic –

How often do electric cars need servicing?

As compared to internal combustion engines, your electric vehicles will require fewer maintenance schedules. The first most important reason for this is that unlike the vehicles that have internal combustion engines, these electricity-run vehicles have way fewer parts. Not only that the electric vehicles are simpler to use. Let us check a few points below as far as maintenance is concerned. 

electric vehicle introduction

  • While most of the internal combustion engines have to bank heavily on complex multi-speed transmission systems, in the case of electric vehicles, there is a predetermined “ratio-direct drive set-up”. 
  • Electric motors do not require regular maintenance. It is in sharp contrast to other engines of conventional vehicles that are prone to wear and tear. 
  • In the case of electric vehicles, since there are fewer parts, the question of maintenance is also minimal. Moreover, electric parts do not wear out so fast. 

electric vehicle layout

  • Although, electric motors require less maintenance, however, servicing as per the manufacturer’s schedule is the best. 
  • Electric run cars will not require fuel changes. 
  • The battery is the largest part of an electric vehicle and undoubtedly the most expensive. It is also the most critical component of the car. Remember, the charging system you choose will determine the longevity of your electric vehicle. 

Tips for proper maintenance 

electric vehicle updatesIn order that your electricity run vehicle will run longer, you can ensure the following pertaining to voltage- electric vehicle voltage levels. 

The prevailing battery systems for the electric, hybrid vehicles operate between voltages ranging between 200Volts and 800 Volts. Also, ensure that the charging station is set-up at home for greater longevity and optimum maintenance. 

Over the years, owing to the several benefits that these vehicles offer, it is justifiable that electric vehicle shares will grow with every passing day. Last but not the least, make sure that you get your electric vehicle maintained by a qualified professional. 


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