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Nippy Glance through IoT Devices: All the Fact You’ll Ever Need to Know

IoT devices are becoming increasingly popular with emerging technologies. With the advancement of artificial intelligence in our daily life, Internet of Things is getting mixed with other AI branches such as Machine Learning, Web Development in order to make an efficient project.

Do you know when was the first IoT device made?

internet of things

Well, John Romkey introduced a toaster, which was connected to the Internet via a TCP/IP protocol. It was displayed at the annual exhibition organized by UBM. It is the first IoT device. 

IoT devices are hardware components we can design for certain applications and their data can be transmitted over the internet. We can embed such devices in different systems. 

IoT Technology:

If you are wondering what is iot or Internet of Things then here is a quick guide.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of “Things” such as gadgets, actuators, sensors, applications, and machines which are the Internet of things devices embedded in other devices to fulfill a particular work. 

The IoT technology is used because the system is interrelated, with internet-connected objects for receiving and transferring of data without human intervention over a wireless network. Like Adruino is a microcontroller capable of IoT functionalities. It has GPIO ports used to interface with multiple devices or Raspberry Pi which is a single board barebones computer with GPIO Pins like Arduino. Adruino has a special Linux distro called Raspbian. It has in-built Wi-Fi and can communicate with the IoT cloud. 

Let’s see an example of IoT Solutions

Nowadays home automation is very popular and IoT is an integral part of it. The IoT devices are connected to a Raspberry Pi or Arduino which is programmed and connected on a Mobile device with a sensor for detection and the server hosted on the Web. So being anywhere in the world using “Internet”, home appliances can be operated.

If you are wondering about other applications of IOT then the following paragraph is for you. Well, IoT is widely used in various fields such as farming, the health sector, traffic monitoring, wearables, etc.

iot solutions

Woah! You must be thinking, “IoT meaning a network of devices” how can that be used in these fields. But let us tell you some smart IoT solutions.

We had bad crop production many times where farmers couldn’t predict the needs of the crop at the proper time. In Precision farming IOT devices observe the crops, measure their growth, and based on that data respond to their needs without worrying the farmer.

iot meaning

With a timer, we can easily monitor traffic on the roads and if it detects any Ambulance then it acts accordingly. Smartwatches are quite popular nowadays. Want to explore more on IoT devices? Try beginner-friendly microcontrollers mentioned above and few inexpensive devices.




  • IoT devices are an array of sensors, each interconnected with a microcontroller.
  • They perform specific tasks intelligently to ease our lifestyle.
  • Generally inexpensive, easy to use, and maintain.
  • Some notable examples of IoT controllers are – Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


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