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Electric Vehicle Updates- Electric Vehicle Vs Petrol Vehicle

Electric cars are appealing due to several reasons especially when there is increasing concern about pollution and carbon emissions. Studies and research that is being carried out reveal that electric cars are ideal for the environment. Less emission of greenhouse gases is one of the main contributions that these vehicles make towards the environment. 

Electric Vehicle vs Petrol Vehicle- What drives electric vehicles

Aside from being safe for the environment, there are a number of features that are different from those of the fuel run vehicles that make these cars unique. Let us find out a few more facts about these plug-in vehicles as per the following sub-topics-

  • Electric Vehicle vs Petrol Vehicle

  • Electric Vehicle Updates

So, let us take one sub-topic at a time and get a better understanding of the same. 

  • Electric Vehicle vs Petrol Vehicle Factselectric vehicle two wheeler

AppearanceElectric vehicles will look like any other fuel-driven cars. Appearance-wise, the only difference is that you will not see a tail-pipe that emits gases as in the case of petrol or fuel cars. Studies prove that around 70% of the components of the electric car differ from that of a gasoline vehicle. 

Components and maintenance costYou will find all the components of the electric vehicles will serve the same purpose as does a gasoline vehicle. While gasoline-powered vehicles have more number of parts than a power-driven vehicle, nevertheless, the purpose served is the same. This is one aspect that makes electric vehicles unique and much sought after. 

electric vehicle financeThis is because the cost of maintenance is less in electric vehicles as compared to petrol vehicles. The only moving part in electric vehicles is the motor. On the other hand, gasoline or petrol-driven cars have more than a dozen moving parts. Also, a greater number of parts means that there is bound to be wear and tear over time. So, you will be required to change these parts, which means more cost. In the case of electric vehicles, you just must take care of the battery condition. It will not be wrong to say that the battery usually has good longevity provided you use a good brand.


How often do electric cars break down?

It is a simple answer. Since the complexities are less, the incidence of a breakdown will be less too.

Changing gears You will not find gear in an electric car but a petrol car has gears to change. 

Power While electric vehicles are generally powered by a battery and you must charge it from a charging station from time to time, a petrol vehicle will have to be refueled quite frequently. 

electric yard vehicle

ExpenseFuel is expensive and the price changes from time to time. You have to refill your gasoline vehicle at regular intervals. As compared to this scenario, an electric vehicle has to be charged once in a while, the cost of which is not much. The only cost you have to incur is when you set up a charging station. 

  • Electric vehicle updates

    Check out the fast facts below-

  • Global sales of electric cars for the month of September 2020 was up 91% YoY with a market share of 4.9%. The sales in Europe recorded an upswing by 166% YoY, while in China the sales surged to 66% YoY. 
  • According to EV market news, after California, New Jersey is banning the car sales of gasoline-driven vehicles by the year 2035. While China has set its eyes on being the globawill electric vehicle take overl dominating nation in EV, for the first time in Europe, the sale of EVs exceeds the sale of diesel cars. 
  • According to forecasts by UBS, by 2022, there will be around US$100kWh batteries. EV/ICE parity by the year 2024. UBS says, “There are not many reasons left to buy an ICE car after 2025”. 
  • According to UBS, the market for electric cars’ market share will reach as much as 17% by the year 2025 and by as much as 40% by the year 2030. 

In a nutshell, we see that with every passing year, there are many reasons why you must invest in an electric vehicle.


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