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Electric Vehicle Charging Station-Electric Vehicle Vs Diesel Vehicle

Electric vehicles are catching up. Anticipation is that by the year 2035, you will hardly find any gasoline-run vehicle on the road. Of course, there is every reason for the same. Right from being economical, gearless driving, low maintenance cost to being environmentally friendly, safely invest in an electric car, if you can afford to. Let us look at some aspects of an Electric Vehicle Vs Diesel Vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Vs Diesel Vehicle

how often do electric cars need to be chargedAll these years, you have been driving a car, little thinking about the number of components your car has. But when it comes to comparing electric vehicle Vs diesel vehicle, you can draw up a difference even when it comes to the number of parts. Let us find the differences between the two as per the following aspects-

  • Number of parts

    An electric car has fewer parts than a diesel-run vehicle.

  • Power

    Electric cars derive their power from the battery that is charged at the charging station, which can be at your own garage or en route to your destination.  

  • Price of diesel

    While the price of diesel fluctuates from time to time, the same will not happen with the battery. 

  • Maintenance

    electric vehicle battery voltageYou do not have to regularly send your electric vehicle to the servicing station for addressing wear and tear or friction. An electric car does not require as much repair and a regular maintenance schedule. 

If you are wondering, how often do electric cars break down? The incidence is much less provided you follow the manufacturer’s manual religiously. 

How much electric car battery cost? These batteries are made up of lithium-ion. They are the same batteries that will run your laptop or desktop. However, the size will definitely be bigger since they are going to drive a vehicle. 

So, the battery is the main component of an electric vehicle and it is also the most expensive. So, as per rates in the market and also depending on the size of the pack, it can be around $7350. If you are wondering “how will the batteries get cheaper”, the cost will not fall too soon. However, the lithium-ion packs are expected to drop $93 per kWh by the year 2024 as per BNEF forecasts. 

Expense– When you calculate the cost of driving an electric vehicle, it is hardly even a dollar per kilometer. On the other hand, the cost of diesel is higher and you will have to shell out more for driving a diesel-run vehicle. 

Electric vehicle charging stations- An Overview

You will find that there are 4 basic segments in charging stations. 

electric vehicle battery price

  • Residential charging stations

    You can plug-into a standard “receptacle” and fully charge your vehicle overnight. Charging at home usually means you will not require user authentication, metering. However, you must have a dedicated circuit and suitable wiring. If you want you can also use a portable charger and mount it on the wall. 

  • Charging while parking

    These are mainly the public charging stations. It can either be a private vehicle or a commercial car and can be for a fee or free. You are offered these services when you park your vehicle at a parking lot. 

  • Fast charging at public charging stations>40kW

    when will electric vehicles take overThese charging stations can deliver more than 60-mile or 97km of range within 30 minutes. 

  • Battery charges in less than 15 minutes

    This is a “specified target” for CARB credits if you are looking for zero-emission from the electric vehicle. 

Electric vehicles are always a better choice as compared to gas-driven cars. If you cannot give up your present gas driven car now, the next car you intend to buy can be an electric car. 


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