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A Quick History of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a concept of designing a system with near-human intelligence that started back in the early 20th century. We bring you the latest highlights and a quick history of Artificial Intelligence.

artificial intelligence vs machine learning

History of Artificial Intelligence

Since the 1950s, a series of highly skilled mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers collaborated to generalize this concept. Alan Turing, a British mathematician explored the mathematical possibilities of artificial intelligence. In the earlier days of 1949, the performance of the machines was limited, they couldn’t store commands, only execute them. Just imagine, during those times the cost of leasing an advanced machine ran up-to $250,000. So a brief history of Artificial Intelligence started with concepts derived from sci-fi movies of that time. But in 1997, IBM’s Deep Blue computer had beaten world chess champion, Garry Kasparov. Very soon, the DARPA Grand Challenge expedition was won by a Stanford vehicle which drove itself autonomously. The objective for a daily AI was kick-started.

definition of artificial intelligenceWhat is Artificial Intelligence?

Let’s imagine a system that could perform actions imitating the human brain. Just like neurons in our brain that use impulses to transmit information, assume a system with similar capabilities. This is the outline of artificial intelligence systems. Its applications are diverse – predicting results from huge datasets, predicting the weather, diagnosing illnesses, and even playing chess! It’s possible through AI systems. 

Artificial General Intelligence

Formally, it is the intelligence of a machine to understand or learn complex tasks that can be performed by a human being. Some AI concepts exist that are known to experience consciousness. However, this is all hypothetical – our current understanding of AI is decades away from Artificial General Intelligence concepts. But, soon enough it will emerge, just a matter of waiting. 

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

artificial intelligence technology

We all get tired of working, right? AI systems can help us ease our efforts. Let’s talk about the notable benefits of artificial intelligence:

1) Repetitive Tasks – We often avoid tasks that are repeating in nature. Here, AI Systems can be programmed intelligently to ease our load.

2) GPS System – Often, when you are going for a long trip to the countryside, you may have used some location services for predicting your road. Did you know, that the route is predicted by Artificial Intelligence? These systems predict your best route depending on traffic, weather, and many other conditions.
machine learning and artificial intelligence3) Medical Applications – Your health data may be processed by AI Systems to generate your health-map, predict health conditions, and even aid in surgery. 

4) Stock Market & Investment Predictions – A system with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning may even predict the profit and loss margins of a company. So if you are a shareholder, you can effectively manage your funds to get the best returns possible. This is one of the hottest topics in the scope of the benefits of artificial intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence is a pioneering technology that will change our lives. Since the history of artificial intelligence development, all the research work done by scientists & corporations have been improving and will transform our lives for the better. Technical improvements, social balancing as well as medical research technologies will be improved by means of Artificial Intelligence.

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