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Best Firefox Themes Add-ons

There are several themes available in firefox for free to enhance and customize the browser’s look. It is very easy to install these themes in the browser. All it requires is a click on the menu bar then add ons and finally selecting “Recommendations or themes”. After the selection of the desired them the user just has to click on install the theme.

Best Firefox Themes

Below are a few of the best firefox themes people prefer.

  • A blue fox

This is the best firefox theme for the ones who love the color blue and dark color scheme. Also, the background color of the drop-down menu is black with the font color blue.

  • FT DeepDark

This add on theme in Firefox is preferred by users who are in front of the screen for long hours. Additionally, this fully black theme with a contrast of neon in tab and URL field puts less strain on the eyes. It also has a smooth animation than other themes.

  • NASA Night Launch

Inspired by the STS-116 night launch, this theme is one of the best plugins for firefox. Also, it is best suited for the users who want darker colors and at the same time do not want the “orange firefox button” to stay.

  • FXChrome

People who love the firefox functionality and Chromes look should opt for this theme. FXChrome makes firefox look similar to chrome.

  • Noia Fox

This persona supported theme has many themes in one. Additionally, it can be regarded as one of the best firefox themes as it comes in various colors. The colors include blue, light grey, and metal grey. The icons are round and at the same time modern and cartoon-like.

  • Simple White

This theme as the name describes is a white simple. Also, it offers semi-transparent tabs and is best compatible with Vista, Windows 7, and 8.

  • FT Graphite Glow

This add on theme is all about smooth graphite. The drop-down menu is metal grey in color which is one of the best for eyes. Also, this theme reduces the size of the icons and has a quick transition.

  • Rein

This monochromatic theme allows the user to customize the color. Furthermore, the toolbar has minimalistic striping and tabs are transparent in this theme.

It is regarded as one of the best firefox themes as one can opt for these changes when bored of the normal look of the firefox browser. There are many more themes add ons available in Firefox. 


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