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Best Firefox Extensions in 2020

The Firefox browser is known for its dedication to safeguarding user’s privacy. This web browser is also famous for having the best firefox extensions. A lot of care has been taken care of by firefox to make the use of the add-ons safe as well. Below are a few of the must-have firefox addons that one must definitely download.

  • NordVPN

When a user wants to enhance the security of their browser, they should by no-fail Download NordVPN. This plugin has a guarantee known as money-back where a user gets 30 days to test the service.

  • LastPass

One of the most popular Firefox add on is LastPass. This addon is famous when it comes to a password manager. It allows the user to manage the shopping account, billing account as well as bank details. All the current password is encrypted and backed up except the master password.

  • Adblock Plus

Adblock is one of the best extensions for firefox. Through this extension, all unwanted online advertisements can be blocked. It also has a feature that disables tracking as wells as lets one block and views the ads they might be interested in.

  • Grammarly

This is one of the top firefox add ons which all the students and workforce should have. Not only does it helps to avoid grammatical errors, but helps to detect plagiarism, restructure sentences, correct the inappropriate tone, and many more.

  • UBlock Origin

Similar to AdBlock, UBlock blocks unwanted advertisements as well as helps to disable tracking. This add-on also prevents the desktop from a variety of threats.

  • Hush

People call hush one of the best firefox add-on because it is something similar to incognito mode but with added features. Furthermore, with the help of this extension, a user can create an encrypted bookmark for the pages accessed in incognito mode.

There are many must-have firefox add ons apart from the one mentioned above. These add-ons help the user to have a user-friendly experience as well as make the device safe and secure. Most of them are available for free or at a low cost. Also, they are very easy to use.


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