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Best Firefox Extension for Students

One of the reasons for people using firefox is the number of extensions it offers. There are more than 1500 extensions available in firefox with different features. What makes firefox add ons best is that it is available for every age and almost all-purpose. So, there are a number of must-have firefox add ons even for students, job seekers, bloggers, business firms, and for self-help as well. Below are some of the best Firefox extension for students.

  • GSpace

This extension focuses on content management and also converts the Gmail account of the user into a mass e-storage device. One can drag and drop files with this wonderful integration into Gmail when wanting to store or backup something. As most of the classes are online now, students send and receive a lot of emails. So, this is one of the best plugins for firefox.

  • Firefox environment backup extension

One of the top firefox addons Feature for a student is the one that automatically backups the search plugins, cookies, themes, saved passwords, bookmarks, histories, and many more. Hence, Firefox environment backup extension is the best Mozilla add on when a student looks for such features.

  • Juice

Juice is among the best extensions for firefox. It allows highlighting a text from any page and further research about it when looking for additional information. Hence, a student doesn’t have to spend a lot of time typing every small detail they want to know from a particular page. 

  • Taboo

This extension allows saving tabs for the future. When using a taboo to open a tab you saved, a user can start at the point they left. Hence, this is the best extension for someone who does a lot of research and reading.

  • Zotero

This extension helps the user to manage, cite, and collect all the information and research they did on a particular page. The information can also be collected from several sources which include amazon, Newyork Times, and many more. All the collected data is saved in the collection. Furthermore, these features enable the user to organize their information according to preference, subject, and priority.

Firefox extensions solve a lot of problems and make the student’s life easy. Hence, they are like blessings to students. For instance, Grammarly, firecal, wired-marker, trailfire are some of the additional best plugins for firefox available for students.



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