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Will Covid-19 End? Will the Pandemic Ever End?

The most plaguing question of 2020 is when will Covid-19 end. The whole world wonders whether there will ever be an end to the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken over the world. While medical researchers are burning the night oil to create a vaccine, medical experts believe that the Covid-19 end will be 2023. However, the world is no longer at a standstill. It is slowly waking up to the new normal, although it will still take ages for the world to resume the complete normalcy of the pre-Covid era. 

coronavirus will endWhat are medical experts saying about will the Coronavirus end? One of the eminent medical researchers of the UK and Director of the Wellcome Trust, Sir Jeremy Farrar, has issued the most foreboding statement where he has declared that the pandemic shall last forever. As such, every human on Earth must learn to accept the pandemic and live with it. He has stated that the pandemic has brought in its wake the most vicious economic crunch and socio-political upheavals and will continue to usher in more despair in the years to come.

Can politicians be bold and brutally honest about will the coronavirus end or not?

when will the pandemic be overAt this point of the year, all we have are desperate yearnings to return to the way life was before the Covid-19 virus set in. All of us have the question: will the pandemic ever end? But contrary to our hopes of the Covid-19 end, medical scientists have declared that there could be a second wave of viral infection. Policy-makers and politicians think that the pandemic will come to an end before 2023. But there is no certainty of the veracity of their statements. No politician would ever make a statement that might impede their chances at election. Hence, we cannot expect any definite answer to will the Coronavirus ever end.

how will the pandemic endThe prediction of 2023 is also in contrast to the economic estimation made by Bill Gates, in which he has said that the pandemic shall not have any consequence for the billionaires. However, Bill Gates has reduced his estimation given political factors and the worldwide launch of the vaccines. The global rollout of the Covid vaccine may sound great for the Covid-19 end. Although the coronavirus vaccines will take some time to hit the market. However, nine pharmaceutical companies have declared the move to be unsafe due to political manipulation. Nonetheless, the vaccine is the only solution that will Coronavirus end soon. 

Will Coronavirus end soon with the cautionary speed of trial and politics?

coronavirus when will it endPoliticians promised that vaccines’ production would be in line with high ethical norms and scientifically valid principles.  However, this turned out to be only a calculated response to President Trump’s announcement.  The announcement was that by 3rd November that is by US election-day, he needs the Covid vaccine to be ready for the Covid-19 end.
On the day of the pledge, one of the vaccine volunteers got hospitalized. One of the nine delegates, Astra Zeneca, reported that they developed the vaccine regulators in alliance with Oxford University. It was a routine gap in any clinical trial like that, but the incident still made it to the headline news. The vaccine trial restarted three days later in the UK after an independent review of the results. 

Vaccine volunteer

will coronavirus endWill Coronavirus end if we volunteer for a vaccine trial? One of the Oxford vaccine trial volunteers took a second dose of the Covid vaccine that could have been a placebo. The vaccine trial volunteers do not get intimated about the type of trial dose. The trial vaccine amount had a potent effect on the volunteer, but such an outcome is usual for administering trial vaccine doses. At the clinical vaccine trial, every volunteer gets closely monitored for variation in health conditions. The volunteers opine that it is essential to exercise caution along with the warped speed. Such a measure will make sure that the vaccine produces a difference in the pandemic-stricken world.

How will Coronavirus end with the detrimental effect of the new infodemic?

Cyberspace has got filled up with fake news about the Covid-19 pandemic. Social media users are spreading fake news at such an alarming rate that the WHO finally and reluctantly declared an infodemic. On top of that are anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, spreading their propaganda and making thousands of people fall prey to the pandemic. The latest news doing the rounds is that every clinical trial volunteer has succumbed to the disease, but this news is entirely fake. Such irresponsible actions make the answer to the question “will the coronavirus end” even more bleak.

Leaders must be on the same page as the public.

when will corona endThe political leaders need to understand the significance of involving skeptical individuals to make the vaccine’s global rollout a success. The only solution to will coronavirus ever end a clear communication channel between the politicians and the public. The politicians need to communicate more frankly with the citizens to make the Covid-19 end. They must formulate honest policies to engage the skeptics. The CEO of Astra Zeneca has said that the first global rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine shall take place by the first half of next year. By then, the leaders need to engage the skeptics and convince the general public to take the vaccine and fight the pandemic.

Will Coronavirus ever end for the poor?

If the rich countries abuse their dominating powers to get hold of the worldwide vaccine supply, will Coronavirus ever end?  The developing countries will scramble to survive the pandemic with no hope of recovery—the WHO has declared that vaccine nationalism will only prolong the pandemic. Therefore there should be no hoarding of vaccines by the developed nations.

The rollout of the vaccine shall take time.

Will Coronavirus ever end? The CEO of Astra Zeneca, Pascal Soriot, has stated that every nation shall be treated with equality when it comes to the global rollout of vaccine supplies.  He promised to allot the countries where they conducted vaccine trials a higher priority. The US National Academy of Sciences Engineering and Medicine has formulated a draft policy for vaccine distribution.

Will the pandemic ever end with the danger of fraudulence?

coronavirus endThe NASEM proposes that they shall do the vaccine distribution in four phases. The first phase is for the frontline workers that include doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. The second phase is for people who live in overcrowded housing complexes. The third rollout shall be for critical risk workers, vulnerable groups like prisoners, prison officials, and teachers. The last phase is for kids and young adults. While the phase formulation is ideal, it still leaves room for the supply of fake vaccines as only 40-45% of the population gets vaccinated at a time. The policy-makers need to work harder to do away with the dangers of fraudulence. Otherwise, the answer to will the pandemic ever end shall be negative.

Massive hurdles of distribution

end of coronavirusThe complexity of the logistical operation is the most formidable challenge. The distribution and storage of the vaccine doses require a massive amount of space set at critical temperature conditions. The CEO of the Serum Institute of India has said that it may take 4-5 years to distribute the vaccine successfully. The Institute plays a vital role in the distribution of the vaccine in India and 90 other nations.

Exemplar leadership is the need of the hour.

Fighting against the pandemic requires massive global collaboration across multiple fronts. The world has to prepare for the economic slump that is about to follow. The work of good leaders can only do it. The key to will the pandemic ever end lies in the hands of the best leaders.

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