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Coronavirus Vaccine Update

China reported the first case of Covid 19 in November 2019 in Wuhan. It was only a matter of time when the seemingly harmful virus spread like wildfire and soon reached other parts of the world. India reported its first case on 19th December 2019. The USA was a little late to the party; they registered their first case in January 2020. Since then, the virus spread like wildfire, and in no time, we were amidst a raging pandemic.  

corona virus vaccineThe initial way to control the virus was to aim for a lockdown. All the countries affected by this virus went for a complete lockdown. They shut all services and confined people to work from home. These measures, however, could not solve the crisis. Scientists, meanwhile, have been on their toes trying to produce a vaccine that would save humankind. After the registration of 48 million cases worldwide, the World Health Organization is now expecting vaccines by the end of 2020 or the early days of 2021. 

China has been one of the first placescovid 19 vaccine testing to give a Coronavirus vaccine update. Among the many vaccines produced by China, Sinovac Biotech triggers an immune response recorded from about 700 people. Other than that, there is at least three to four Coronavirus vaccine development in China, which is in their third and fourth stages of the clinical trial. In China, the virus as of now seems to be in a steady-state. Chinese officials have extended the vaccine trials on Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Brazil. According to Science Correspondent Pallab Ghosh, the Coronavirus Vaccine trial cannot be proved effective until the results are demonstrated on a larger population. One has to be patient till researchers confirm success in the Coronavirus vaccine update

German-US Coronavirus Vaccine by Pfizer

covid vaccinesAccording to the latest reports, the development of a German-US Coronavirus Vaccine by Pfizer and BioNtech is more effective. Their Coronavirus vaccine was tested on 43,500 people without any signs of danger. Six countries carried out these tasks without any warning. Researchers are carrying out trials in the US, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, and turkey. The effectiveness of this Coronavirus vaccine has been 90%. However, this data is based on 94 volunteers and cannot be considered absolute. Although scientists believe it is a significant development.

The availability of the Coronavirus vaccine is still in discussion. According to news, a limited number of people will get the Vaccine this year. Updates from Pfizer and BioNtech inform that they will secure safety data by the third week of November, and the Coronavirus vaccine will be taken to the regulators. Also, according to the updated data on the Coronavirus vaccine, the two companies will supply 50 million doses to 1.3 million by the end of 2020. This is by far the Coronavirus vaccine update the two companies have been able to provide us. 

vaccine coronavirus updateThe availability of the Coronavirus vaccine will be scrutinized according to the degree of the emergency. Hospital workers and care home workers will have higher priority. Older adults with a high risk will be a priority as well. However, no final verdict can be provided on this as it is dependent on how well the Vaccine works in different age groups.  

Even though the Coronavirus vaccine development is in a full spree, questions about the virus’s certainty are still left unanswered. Additionally, the safety protocols and effectiveness of the Vaccine are not fully proven yet. We are unaware of the Vaccine stops the spread or develop symptoms to fight or both. We are unaware if it works well for elderly, high-risk people. 

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