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USA Coronavirus Vaccine – What is USA planning?


Coronavirus or Covid-19 is the deadliest virus which first formed in Wuhan, a city in China. The virus slowly started to spread in the whole world and became a fatal virus. Coronavirus killed more than lakhs of people around the globe. It spreads if a person comes in contact with an affected person or from cough and saliva, sweat, etc. Hence, USA has been trying to bring out a vaccine for this deadliest virus. The USA coronavirus vaccine is going to be a major boon for the entire world.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

vaccine coronavirusA person has some apparent symptoms like getting cough and cold with high fever, and some problem occurs in the respiratory system. Covid-19 is likely to affect the older people and younger people more as both have deficient immunity to fight the virus. Also, people with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, respiratory problem, cancer, and more conditions like this have more life risks. 

How to prevent Coronavirus?

Coronavirus will prevent only if every people have enough knowledge about the virus. So, every person has to wear a mask and maintain a social distance between them, wash their hand with soap or alcohol-based hand washes, and remain at home, only come out if needed. These are some strict rules everyone has to follow to prevent the Coronavirus. The USA is trying their best to overcome Covid-19 and bring the vaccine to recover

Coronavirus vaccine

coronavirus vaccine newsVaccines for covid-19 are yet to discover, USA and many more countries are trying their best. This vaccine is needed to stop the spread of the virus and save people who are affected badly. Hence, it will help to build the immune system much more robust. WHO (World Health Organisations) is continuously working on the vaccine. Additionally, from small to large clinics, research centers are working very hard to find the vaccineThis vaccine will prevent Coronavirus from spreading more.

Coronavirus Vaccine USA

The USA is planning to bring out their first vaccine in December last or January first. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the renowned specialist of severe infectious disease and a crew of Covid-19 in White House, has stated in a live session that the USA is likely to bring out the vaccine in December or January. The vaccine will apply only to hazardous patients. From July, different companies in the USA had already started to research the vaccineThis is the update on Coronavirus given by the country. Two companies named Moderna and Pfizer of USA are ready with their vaccine, only waiting for trial results. 

Is there any vaccine for Coronavirus?

coronavirus vaccine progressPeople around the world are confused or rather have different questions in their minds about the vaccine for Covid-19. Hence, scientists and doctors are continuously researching and trying their best to bring out the vaccine for Coronavirus. There is no vaccine for Covid-19, but people are getting cured using different medicines or strong immunity. Every country around the world is doing every possible work they can to launch the covid-19 vaccine. The USA is planning to bring out the vaccine for the deadliest Coronavirus in December or January.

Moderna Vaccine Launch

Moderna is a USA based company on biotechnology, which makes different new drugs and medicines. Recently Moderna has announced they have made a vaccine named mRNA-1273. Moderna is creating a plan to launch it, and all the paperwork is all done with the government. Furthermore, a trial is going on for some patients, but the result is yet to come. 

Pfizer vaccine status

Pfizer is an American Pharmaceutical company, and this company is also ready with a vaccine for Covid-19 and will most probably get distributed at Christmas. The vaccine works around 95% in phase 3. This vaccine does not need any safety concerns. Pfizer is competing with another vaccine by Oxford, so there will be a verdict on which will work first or preferably put into trial. 

Update on Coronavirus

corona vaccine statusThere are around 55.6 million covid-19 cases worldwide, and death recorded are 1.3 million, and nearly 35.8 million people recovered. Covid-19 cases are increasing very rapidly. Additionally, different countries are using various methods are trying to control the Coronavirus. In the USA, there are 11.6 million cases and the death of around 250k. The USA has come up with other vaccines and planning to launch them soon

Coronavirus has come like a black shadow to every people’s life, and it’s been a year since people are stuck in their houses. While different countries are working on Vaccines, the USA plans to launch its vaccine for the deadliest Coronavirus



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