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History of Thanksgiving for Kids

It is the first thanksgiving for kids when you should start educating your children about it. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, family, and thankfulness. So, before prepping for the thanksgiving dinner, you should take the opportunity to make your child know what thanksgiving is. There are many thanksgiving stories for toddlers available in form of books and PDF as well. Explaining the adults is easy but to children it becomes difficult. With the help of the article, you will be able to explain the real meaning and ritual of thanksgiving to children.

Below are a few tips on how to give thanksgiving information to kids

  • Discuss with them the reason behind the celebration of thanksgiving

where did thanksgiving originateThe fall harvest original story that brought the pilgrims and native Americans together for a feast can be connected to your celebration. Hence, this is one of the best ways to tell facts about thanksgiving to kids.

  • Read with the kids

There are many kids thanksgiving story books available in the market. “The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving”; “Giving thanks: The 1621 Harvest Feast”; “P is for Pilgrim: A thanksgiving alphabet” are few books through which you can educate your child.

  • A thanksgiving activity sheet is the best way to make the lesson fun

history thanksgivingThere are many word searches, coloring sheets, puzzles available online, and in-store that are related to thanksgiving. You can make your child write about the things they are grateful for in a sheet of printed turkey. Furthermore, Education.com, K12 reader, many hoops are some of the websites where you can get fun activity sheets for kids.

  • Indulging your child in thanksgiving themed crafts

With the help of crafts, you can make your kid thankful. Hence, a gratitude paper chain, a thankful turkey out of paper are some of the fun ways to educate about the facts about thanksgiving to kids.

  • Involving the kids in the decoration of the feast table for thanksgiving

story behind thanksgivingThanksgiving dinner means sharing food and celebrating with your acquaintance. Thus, you can discuss and research the props that were available to Wampanoag people and pilgrims back them and decorate with the same theme.

It is very important to give insights about the history of thanksgiving to kids. For instance, it can be done by even involving them in decoration, keeping them busy with the thanksgiving themed crafts, games, and movies.

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