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Top 5 Best Small Business Apps

Managing a small business is not an easy feat. You are on your own, multitasking, working hard towards a goal. With a small team, fewer hands and minds, one is expected to have all the answers while being in a constant race. It is not easy to keep up with fast-paced and ever-changing market dynamics. 

apps for small business managementBusiness owners are constantly looking out for ways and tools to improve daily work and streamline processes. And in today’s tech-savvy world, apps or business apps come as a blessing and pitch in for the missing manpower. Business apps are extremely useful for small businesses and make the job easier especially in today’s world, where everyone carries a smartphone, allowing them to manage tasks on the go regardless of time and location. There are various business apps available that cater to varied and specialized requirements, such as appointments, customer management, employee communications, and human resources activities.

Best Apps For Small Businesses – Top Picks

We bring to you our picks for the top 5 best apps for small businesses that are affordable, simple to use, and will save you some precious time, effort, and money.

1. Fantastical – For all your calendar needs

mobile apps for small businessesFantastical is a perfect calendar apps for small business organizations and extremely easy to use. It combines your calendar and your to-dos to keep you on top of all your schedules and appointments. It comes with a simple interface and a superior design making it a great option, especially for iOS users since it easily syncs between multiple Apple devices. This small business app lists events and meetings, schedules your tasks, sends reminders, and much more. One feature that stands out for users is the natural language processing that is well integrated. Fantastical comes as a free download option along with some highly affordable upgrades making it one of the top choices.

2. Freshbooks – Accounting and Finance

apps for small business inventoryOne of the most popular small apps for business in the field of invoicing and accounting is Freshbooks. Ideal app for small businesses, it boasts of multiple features that make life easy when it comes to managing your accounts. The app allows you to create invoices, record payments, manage expenses, and much more while you are on the go. The work generated can be customized and personalized according to the company’s design and logo. It works on both iOS and Android phones, and also has an easy to use desktop version.

3. Connectteam – Business Management

best apps for small business ownersbest apps for small business ownersDay-to-day organizational tasks can get very daunting and time-consuming. Connect team app is one of the simple and affordable solutions for small businesses that enhance employee management by centralizing business workflows and communication. It offers various features such as real-time communication through chats, updates, and notifications. Connectteam also enables employees to develop their job-specific skills using training courses, procedure manuals, product catalogues, and surveys. It is also a great time tracking app that brings accuracy to timesheets and business, along with real-time workforce insights.

4. VTiger: Customer Relationship Management

small business appsCustomer relationships are paramount to any business—big or small. While it can get tough and tricky to manage with limited resources, it definitely cannot be compromised. What one needs most for seamless functioning is a support app. VTiger is an affordable and multipurpose CRM app that is ideal for small businesses. It helps manage contacts, track sales, record activities, along with dozens of other functions. The added features include project and inventory management, social media integration, and internal collaboration. Vtiger works on iOS, Android, and web.

5. Zoom – Redefining Communication

applications for small businessCommunication is the key to any business. One needs to connect with various internal and external stakeholders’ multiple times in a day and an easy to use communication or business app can help facilitate and ease the process. Zoom is one such app that in this age of remote working, has helped people across the world to stay connected. The easy-to-use app helps connect through video and audio calls and chats. It also offers added features to ensure real-time business collaboration with file-sharing options, project management, and much more, which in turn helps save a lot of time. The app works on iOS, Android, and web.

The above-mentioned business apps help boost productivity and make life easier for a small organization. With no or minimal investment, these are dynamic business tools that help make businesses efficient, easy, and take the weight off the shoulders.

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