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Covid-19 California Updates – Is this the biggest jump ever?

The United States witnessed more than 10 million cases on Monday. The most troubling piece of an update is that it is slated to see a record hospitalization later during the week. Most prominently, the population around the Mexico border and Midwest states are the hardest hit. President-elect-Joe Biden has formed a 13-member task force to tackle this pandemic. However, there is a ray of hope with the vaccine for the rising coronavirus cases in California. It is being developed by stalwarts like BioNTech and Pfizer. 

 Coronavirus Cases in California- Covid-19

As far as reopening is concerned, the Governor of California Gavin Newsom stated that few of the reopening will have to be scaled back.

Every Tuesday, the so-called tier system that has been worked out in California is updated depending on the positivity rates and how the California Covid-19 cases have been kept in check. 

Coronavirus California Cases and Economy

Californians are already reeling under the impacts of the loss of income and job layoffs. According to Mr Newsom, the state will be able to survive the effects of this economic meltdown due to Covid-19. 

It may be mentioned here that the state of California has a surplus of $21 billion and also a so-called “rainy-day” fund that amounts to $16 billion. He also said that “We are well-positioned from a cash perspective to get through this”. 

Aside from the above, the stimuli bill by the Fed, which is regarded as one of the largest that can be recalled in the history of modern United States is expected to give a boost to the economy by pumping in billions of dollars to support the state economy wise. 

However, a report released by the economists of the University of California has something else to say. According to them, the country has stepped into recession. The aftermath will be worst felt across California due to the pandemic. 

Meanwhile, hospitals in Houston and Dallas are almost full in terms of ICU capacity as the Coronavirus Texas cases have recorded a spike. Also, the number of people dying due to Covid-19 in this state is also up by 50%. However, the scenario was not this even a month ago in Texas. Texas had lower rates of death and the case count was much lower. 

President-elect- Joe Biden’s Covid-19 task force 

3 Bay-Area doctors have been selected by the President-elect Joe Biden to counter the effects of California Covid-19 cases. They have been included in the taskforce. They will be functioning as members of the Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board and guiding him in this pandemic. 

According to Governor Gavin Newsom of California, “It doesn’t surprise any of us that UCSF would be ‘front and centre’ as it related to the talent pool that President-elect Joe Biden would choose from. So, we couldn’t be….more proud of that extraordinary institution”.

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