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Artificial Intelligence- Benefits and Risks

“Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before-as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.”- Max Tegmark, President (Future of Life Insurance)

What is (AI) Artificial Intelligence?

facial recognitionSIRI has become an integral part of our lives. But have you ever thought, what SIRI is all about? Right from cars that are self-driven to SIRI, search engine major’s algorithm, and not to mention the least “autonomous weapons”, all are machine learning examples or instances of artificial intelligence. 

These days AI is usually known as “narrow AI or weak AI”. Narrow because it is designed to perform tasks that are “narrow”. For instance, for the purpose of facial recognition, driving an automobile, or as simple as searching the search engines. 

Having said that, the ultimate goal of most of the researchers and developers working on AI technology is not just to bank upon narrow AI but to develop keeping in mind the long-term requirements, a strong AI, or general AI

Narrow AI can perform any task like playing strategy games like chess or solving problems. But when it comes to AGI or strong AI as the name suggests, it can supersede human beings too. 

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Deep Learning Companies or Top AI startups

machine learning languageMany companies are investing in artificial intelligence. You will find that there is an extensive application of artificial intelligence in different fields. Right from healthcare machine learning to AI in education, you will find that it has become an integral part of our lives. 

In fact, Artificial Intelligence startups are mushrooming everywhere. Also, stocks of publicly traded AI companies are doing very well in the financial sector. With evolving and advanced technology, the future of AI is slated to reach its heights very soon.  It will be a technology that we will not be able to do without in near future. 

Advantages of using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

machine learning in daily lifeLet us find out the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI). There is a common phrase “To err is too human”. So, when individuals have chances of committing errors, using machine learning technology does make sense. Any process that uses an algorithm has fewer chances of making errors. 

We have seen that many websites employ bots (which are nothing but pre-programmed algorithm-driven interactive processes) that help business entities to connect with their prospective leads or clients. These digital assistants have gained immense popularity over the years. 

  • Fatigue 

Unlike human beings that become tired and suffer from fatigue, these programs can work tirelessly for long hours. Regardless of whether it is AI finance, robotics in mining, manufacturing, healthcare, education, tourism, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, or any other field, AI has found wide application. The best part is AI-driven processes do not fall prey to fatigue. 

  • Digital assistant for daily chores

benefits of machine learningSIRI, GPS, the autocorrect feature, and the list can go on when it comes to citing AI examples. Right from fraud detection in banking and financial sectors to organizing and analyzing bulk data, the applications are many. We can find the use of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. 

  • Logical decision-makers

Since machines have no emotions, when it comes to decision making, artificial intelligence reigns supreme. Unlike human beings, if they had to take any decision, emotions usually play a crucial role. Such a situation might lead to taking a decision, which may not be beneficial to the organization in the long-run. However, with robots, you can do away with the fear of making a decision that might be harmful to the company. 

  • Healthcare 

Amongst all sectors that make use of this technology, healthcare is perhaps one field that can save a person’s life. Ranging from cancer-drug research to common everyday medical check-ups, the application is vast. 

Advancements are made in the field of medicine using artificial intelligence that can decide upon the following and assist in the same-

  • Accessing huge data, organizing it, analyzing the same for research work
  • Deciding upon the mode of treatment and how to address the ailment
  • Long-term treatment for chronic as well as acute disorders
  • Research on new medicines and drugs
  • Analyzing the transmission, incidence, and cure for diseases that can make a person terminally ill

The above instances are just a few areas in medicine where deep learning or machine learning is being used. 

Let us find out the risks associated with (AI) Artificial Intelligence

  • Affordability for using (AI) Artificial Intelligence

a.i.Implementing artificial intelligence AI technology in any organization requires a lot of funding. Not all companies may afford to shell out such huge costs. When it comes to executing these programs for conglomerates, it definitely makes sense. However, not all artificial intelligence startups can incur such huge expenses. 

  • No match to human ethics

Artificial intelligence means you are feeding a machine as to what it must do, both in simple and complex situations. Since moral values and ethics are something that these robotics or algorithm are not able to understand, they do not understand or assess the legal aspects of many tasks. This can be detrimental to the part of the business entity. 

  • Coping with a dynamic environment

AI appsRobotics or machines are not able to keep pace with the dynamic environment. As a result, they will not be able to reply to queries, the answers to which have not been fed. So, if under any circumstance, additional queries must be replied to or managed, it will not be able to do so. Although, the above drawbacks are few as compared to benefits, yet companies are investing in (AI) Artificial Intelligence only to get optimum returns in the long-run.

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