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Work From Home Jobs For Beginners

It is very difficult to find a stay at a home job when you are a fresher. So, this article will answer the question most beginners ask in the current situation, i.e. how to get a stay at home job?

Here are a few jobs, which you can opt for a part-time stay at home jobs. If these work well for you, you can work as a full-time employee as well.

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  • Teaching/ Training younger students

ideas for stay at home jobsOnline tutors are a go-to in the COVID situation. It is one of the best option available for people who wants to work remotely and has no prior experience. A bachelor’s degree and good marks are the only two things which are needed. A website like tutor.com, ESL tutoring, course hero, teach away, allows you to teach a specific subject you are a pro in. Also, you can get a minimum payment of $16 per hour, which is great especially when you are looking for work from home jobs for beginners.

  • A data entry role

stay at home jobs indeedA data entry job is one of the best jobs you can work for staying at home. You get to learn a lot of technological skills. Platforms like speak write, quicktate, clickworker can help you find the perfect data entry job.

  • Chat Agent

If you are interested to work in a customer service department, the role of a chat agent must be best suited. It allows you to virtually assist the customers with a query they have for the company you work in. Chat agent platforms Needle, Chatshop, and Arise can assisst you for a good work from home job.

  • Evaluator for a search engine

A role of a search engine evaluator is one of the most flexible jobs. It allows you to evaluate the search results following the regulations of the company you work for. Appen, Lionbridge, and Zerochaos are the go-to websites for this role.

  • A remote/ online researcher

stay at home jobs hiringA job as researchers helps you a lot, especially when you want to opt for further studies. Different companies have different requirements but the basic one is data collection. Additionally, you can look for these postings in Expert123, wonder, and JustAnswer.



  • Content writer

stay at home jobs that pay welAn interest in writing blogs, with a strong command of English and vocabulary is all you need to become a content writer. Subsequently, this stay at home job can pay you in six figures if the recruiters are impressed by your writing style. You just have to pitch for the role in companies like Contenta, Upworthy, babble, dailyworth, and bloggingpro.com.

  • Sales Representative

There is a lot of jobs in the sales department which are posted for beginners. If you are interested in sales, Hilton Hotels, Work solutions, American express, skyes are some options you must look at.

  • Virtual Assistant

stay at home jobs onlineThis is one of the most preferred jobs as it allows you to assist customers in almost all the fields and at the same time does not require to work at the site. There is a lot of flexibility and the job is sustainable as well. Virtual Office VA, Timeetc, fancyhands are some of the platforms which allow you to work as a virtual assistant.

For the above-mentioned roles, a lot of experience is not needed and it is perfect for work from home jobs for beginners. Skills which can satisfy sales and marketing jobs are enough.

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Everyone has some skills like strong communication, writing skills, fast with typing, strong vocabulary, technological skill, and many more. Therefore, if the skills are portrayed with a proper example, it will never be difficult for you to get a verified stay at home job, as every company needs fresh talent. If you are hunting for the perfect platform for job search in the UK based on your skills you must apply to some job portal websites.

Pro Tip: Do not lose patience while getting rejections from companies and continue the job search. Also, do not just look for permanent roles, an internship or a part-time job is better than being unemployed.


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