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Hertz Launches Program Encouraging Citizens to Go and Vote Safely

New York, November 1: American service providers are all set to encourage citizens to go to the polls and exercise their voting rights as the US national elections almost knock at the door. 

Hertz Campaign for US Citizens

Hertz is helping American citizens to get to the polling booth with ease by offering a rental ride at no cost. Yes. That’s correct. The leading car rental company, in an effort towards its societal welfare, has launched a program titled Drive the Vote According to the company website, any client or customer who rents a car from Hertz, beginning from November 2 spanning for two or more days than that will receive a free rental ride day from the organization’s neighbourhood locations. 

The focus of the Program

The firm’s executive vice president, global marketing, and customer experience Laura Smith said in a statement that Hertz is looking to make it relaxed for American citizens to exercise their right to cast votes – especially people who are in dire need of safe and reliable transportation. The ultimate focus of the drive vote program happens to make customers happy while at the same time encouraging them to perform their duty as a responsible US citizen. 

As the country is gearing up for its next presidentship to take over, almost everyone from the domain of business and other vertical, are trying their best to contribute towards societal welfare in some way or the other, especially in such trying times when the pandemic has shaken up everything – from economy to daily lives. 

Contribution of Hertz

Earlier, Hertz has also contributed substantially to society and community welfare initiatives at the height of the pandemic. One of the biggest efforts in this regard has been members of the critical worker populace to travel to work and back home safely. The company also contributed $2 million in a free-month-long car rental facility to 2000 workers in the healthcare sector serving in New York City alone. 

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