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The Third Wave of Coronavirus Takes Surge in the US

The whole of the United States (US) gears up for a gradual opening up of the economy in current times. Amidst the upcoming general elections and ongoing talks of COVID vaccine trials, the covid surge in terms of positive cases throughout the country has taken a firm hold. 

The Third Wave as its being termed is now raging widely in West and Midwest. It is also spreading in other parts of the country rapidly as a sign of upcoming worst scenario. 

The virus’s influx happens as winters approach. Thus, forces people to stay indoors testing millions of Americans who have grown weary of past lockdowns and restrictions.

Over the last week, an average 59,000 new coronavirus cases in us is seen in a single day – the highest cases since August this year. Authorities say that the daily total count could cross 75,687. 

To inquire, why cases are surging regularly and a graver Third Wave is knocking at the door, medical experts say that there may be a lack of coordination in response in terms of the spread of the virus, yet at the same time, the economy needs to open up for movement to take place. 

However, with such an increase in COVID positive cases, the low death rate is a silver lining amidst the rising dark clouds. It also mirrors increased testing for the virus. Now with almost one million individuals being tested, the US is getting a precise picture of the whole scenario including. The scenario includes how many new cases, how many recovering, and so on. According to the expert physicians, the next 6 to 12 weeks might see the worst of the pandemic. Hence precautions are necessary. 

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