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An Overview on Region Free Blu Ray Players

Region free blu ray players are popular amongst people who like to watch hassle-free Blu-ray discs from around the world. Each regional Blu-ray player comes with a region code ranging from A/B/C/FREE for each region across the world. Though some software hacks allow a user to watch a Blu-ray disc on a regional blu-ray player, these hacks often don’t work. Hence the preference for the region free ones is high. 

What is a region free blu ray player?

Region free blu ray players are players that can basically play any blu ray disc from across the world. They are not limited to a particular region. Instead of using software hacks, these players have internal hardware specially designed for this particular purpose. They support playback of discs from every corner of the world.

Advantages of a region free blu ray player

Unlike software modifications, region free players contain hardware modifications that are practically unaffected by any software updates. They provide a seamless movie-watching experience and absolutely no worries about getting locked up for a particular region.

Moreover, since the company provides hardware modifications, the product warranty remains intact. But, software alterations can lead your warranty to be null and void. 

There are different names for the same type of blu ray player. Multi-region blu ray player, all region blu ray player, and region free blu ray player, all of them function in the same way.

Best region free blu ray players

The market for these players is huge. Region free 4k blu ray players are quite popular around the globe.

Some of the best ones are

  1. Pioneer DV-3052
  2. Panasonic S700EP-K
  3. Sony BDP S3200
  4. LG BP175
  5. Sony S3700E

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Overall, if you are a movie enthusiast with a keen interest in movies from around the globe, a region free blu ray player should be your top choice. They let you enjoy your movies without any hiccups and troubles. There are region free blu ray players in all price ranges coming along with a variety of features from almost all the major brands that you can think of. 

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