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5 DIY Home Decorating Ideas

Everyone likes their home decorated and usually renovate their house before Christmas. A lot of websites are available online for home decorating ideas suggestions. Through this article, you will be able to get an outlook about how to decorate your home without burning a hole in your pockets.

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DIY Ideas on Decorating Home

Some of the DIY Home decorating ideas are as follow

  • Colour hues on the door 

A first impression is the last impression. One of the best home decorating ideas is to paint your front door with a glossy or funky hue. According to many cultures, red colour is associated with luck. Earlier in America, for weary travellers a red door meant “welcome.”So, you can go for a red door or even yellow and orange which means warmth and joy. Try replacing your outdated screen door with a full-length storm door made of dichroic glass. A rainbow-shaded door also looks fantabulous. 

  • A neutral or light-coloured wall

A grey or beige-coloured wall makes the house looks larger. It gets easier and flexible to put up wall decors or accessories. When you have two small rooms next to each other, a neutral colour wall can make it look bigger and subtle at the same time.

  • A mirror in every room

To make your house feel brighter, the most pocket-friendly home décor idea would be to opt for a mirror in each room. When mirrors are hung perpendicular to the windows, it avoids the light being bounded. 

  • The artwork on the wall should be scaled

The centre of the picture should always be at the eye level according to a person’s average height. If you want to put artwork on a large wall, make sure to put one big piece. Alternatively, you can opt for personalized canvas wall art as well but each should be placed in a gap of 2 to 4 inches and not more. They are one of the best home decorating ideas.

  • Layered lighting

There should be three kinds of lighting in each room. One should be a ceiling fixture as an overall illumination is provided through it. There should be a task over the island of the kitchen else a reading nook would also do. At last, to highlight or decorate maybe an art piece opt for accent. The living room should have a minimum of 3 watts per square feet. Another home decorating idea is a torchiere or a canister uplight that helps to look the room bigger by casting a glow on the ceiling.

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You can use this basic and new house décor idea to place a rug under the hour legs of your centre table in the sofa area to give your house a new look. Using Spray paint on all your old furniture and fixtures will give a cinderella treatment with a refreshing look. Hope these home decorating ideas will make you give yourself a chance to decorate your house in newer ways.

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