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YouTube to MP4 is Fun- How Can You Optimize YouTube videos

Trends, whether they are past or prevailing always teach us how we must adapt to the changing dynamic market requirements. Just as strategies have changed and evolved with times, the techniques have too. 

Here we are exploring a few aspects of YouTube and how you can enhance your online visibility if you have a YouTube channel of your own. 

The option of promoting one’s business over YouTube is gaining prominence. As per the State of Inbound report (2018), 45% are spending their money on YouTube for marketing purposes. 

We already know about the number of YouTube to MP4 videos that record downloads every single year. Of course, the incidence of download YouTube to MP4 videos is catching up and many are using YouTube video converter MP4 for the same. 

However, you must keep in mind that you will not be able to download and save videos that have copyright. There are legalities associated with them. So, when you opt for URL to MP4 video download, make sure you do not violate any copyright issues. 

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Let us find out how you can delve into the finer aspects of YouTube SEO for optimum web traffic and digital footfalls-

  •  Optimizing your YouTube channel

If you have your own YouTube channel, that is not enough. It must be visible and earn viewership to make it worth running. YouTube SEO can come to your rescue for the same. Catch a glimpse of how you will go about it for optimization. 

  • Give a name for your video

Depending on what you are offering to your target audience, you must give it a relevant name. Select a name that will be in accordance with the niche area. 

  • Incorporate keywords naturally

Remember, the keywords that will help your visitors to “find you” will have to well-researched. Also, you must incorporate the keywords or keyphrases naturally and not forcefully. 

  • Video description optimization is key

Meta-description is the line that allows a visitor to know what the YouTube video is all about. In fact, many download from YouTube to MP4, only after seeing the meta-description and then watching it. 

  • Use relevant and most searched keywords for tagging your video

Prior to letting your video go live, you have already searched for all the keywords that are relevant to the video you are uploading. Use all these words or phrases as tags along with your video. These will increase the chances of getting more views for your video. 

  • Assign an appropriate category for your video

Your video must belong to a genre. So, in order that visitors do not get misguided, assign an appropriate genre to your YouTube channel. 

If possible, make your videos desktop friendly as well aside from making a version for mobile or hand-held devices. However, just remember, not all videos that you try to save will support YouTube to MP4 converter free download program. 

  • Use a thumbnail

Use an appropriate thumbnail or icon that will depict your video or channel category. 

  • Add call to action, comments and use tools to increase viewership

If you want to grow your business through the YouTube channel, it is essential that you allow your visitors to access the comment section. Aside from this, you will have to encourage them to call to action. 

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Getting user feedback is another important way to improve your channel. For more idea about opening your own YouTube channel, you can download MP4 YouTube and use as a reference. 

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