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What Happens when You Skip Meals?

Have you ever thought what happens when you skip meals? You think you’re burning calories, but you’re damaging your metabolism. Examine what happens to your body when you skip your meals. Skipping meals, the proper way, also called intermittent fasting, can have incredible health benefits, like weight loss, but skipping a meal and intermittent fasting are two very different things. Skipping meals to deprive or punish yourself – or because you’re too busy to eat – is different from fasting to get cravings under control and practice mindful eating. In general, forgoing eating has negative consequences for your body. Here we will see what happens when you don’t eat.

Watch the video to know the effects of not eating a meal –

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Sure, skipping meals can happen from time to time, but doing it consistently can negatively impact your health and lead to nutritional deficiencies. You’re also not able to perform at your best because all you can focus on is food. If you have trouble making time for meals because you have a busy schedule.

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