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Everything You Need To Know About Tabata Training

Tabata training requires some practice. It is highly reliant on how resistant your body is to take up highly intense training cycles. We are here to educate you so that you can choose your Tabata exercises wisely. 

Tabata workout uses up the stored heat in the body. It increases the metabolism of an individual. So, a person opting for Tabata exercises will surely be burning a huge amount of calories after the exercises are done. 

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  • Burpees 

Burpees are one of the most difficult exercises among the Tabatas that needs practice. It requires core strength. Burpees are an effective Tabata exercise to regulate weight loss while building muscle strength. It energizes the core, strengthens the abs, and increases mind-body coordination. The exercise is a mix of quicks jumps, planks and leg splits.

  • Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are relatively easy. Do a high plank and push your shoulders back. By pulling your shoulders behind, you will be able to straighten the back. Straightening the back starts turning on the muscles that need to be active for bigger movements. After the high plank, pull one of your legs closer to the chest and then repeat with the other leg. Increase the speed by alternating your legs at smaller intervals. Remember to keep your core tight. This is an excellent Tabata workout to keep your body toned and increase metabolism. 

  • Jumping jacks 

Want a little bit of rest in the middle of a Tabata workout but want to keep burning? Torch your calories with jumping jacks. Stretch your arms and legs across your body. Then extend your body into making the movement similar to making snow angels. The motion will help work your entire body and burn the stubborn calories. This high-intensity Tabata workout will keep you burning calories after your workout. 

  • Leg Raises

If you are trying to build core strength and tone down your glutes go for leg raises. Get down on your mat and get into a low plank. Now raise your leg and in swift motions extend them as high as you can above the ground. Do this with one leg at a time. Remember to strengthen. If any of these legs rises hurt at any moment, causing sharp shooting pain, stop the Tabata workout immediately.

  • Side Plank 

For Side Plank, you need to lie down on your mat and turn to one side. Now raise your body with the help of your forearms and core strength. Keep your glutes and lower your body slowly. Repeat this action to get the most out of your Tabata workout

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Tabata is not an easy workout to master. It demands flexibility from the body and trains it better. With a lot of research and meticulous study being done on the Tabata training system, be assured that you will lose weight and effectively keep a toned structure.

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