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Best Apps for Small Business Owners

In today’s world, everyone is dependent on gadgets. These gadgets are helpful for businesses as well because of the different applications it has in the play store or app store. Even small businesses need to manage their employees, market their products, keep a track of their finances, save important dates, connect with clients, and many more. So, through this article, you will get to know the best apps for small business management

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Best Apps for Small Business Owner are:


Skype for business is one of the apps which is the best when it comes to conducting a meeting virtually. It is an instant messaging application as well. Not only is it useful for big business but even small business owners can use this app to make a video call, phone calls, exchange text messages, and at the same time share screen while on the video call. This is available in ios and android apps as well as Microsoft. Some of the alternatives to skype which small business owners can use are Zoom, Slack, Stride, and Microsoft Teams.


This app is best for small business owners when it comes to receiving and sending payments. For a small size business, this app is perfect as it is affordable with an easy setup and online tools that are free. As the tools and features are limited for a small scale industry, you might have to switch to some other app when your firm grows. Paypal, Shopify, Payment Depot and Lightspeed are alternates to the Square.

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The best app in the market when it comes to accounting software is Quickbooks. This app along with wave accounting and fresh books helps to prepare for tax, pay employees, and send an invoice as well.


Expensify, Zoho Books, Xero, QuickBooks Enterprise are the apps which help small business owners to track their expenses and receipts. This software transcribes the receipt details once the photo of the same is uploaded. It further categorizes the receipt based on its type.


This business app is best for iPhone users but people with ios can also use it. This project management app makes it easier for small businesses when it comes to team collaboration. Various cards can be outlined with the tasks of individuals in each Trello card. Due dates, names of the members in the team, checklist, tasks, and every detail about project management can be included in this including photos and documents. You can further integrate Trello with apps such as Slack, Evernote, and Google Drive. Some of the alternates to Trello are Asana, Basecamp, and Airtable.


Toggl is one of the best apps for small businesses for tracking the work hours of their remote employees.  This app provides flexible, cloud-based time tracking software for businesses and individuals. The time logs can be converted to a spreadsheet at the end of every month to get an insight into how long the employees worked on average. Desktime, Hubstaff, and Rescue Time are some of the alternates to Toggl.


Every small business and individual needs an app for creating a to-do-list and Wunderlist is one of the best available options. Create a list of tasks and assign an employee to each of them. Some of the alternates available which are equally nice include nTask, Omnifocus, and Evernote.

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So, you don’t have to worry if you are struggling to handle your small business. There are numerous apps available in the market to sort your life. These apps are available both on smartphones and desktop. You just need to find the one which is the best apps for small business owners.

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