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Why Is Benefits Of Sparkling Water So Famous?

Carbonated water is known as sparkling water in common English. Americans called it soda water until World War II. Today, it’s popular as a seltzer or seltzer water all across the United States. This fizzy drink is made from pressurized carbon gas and water. It provides a good supply of minerals and tastes slightly different from plain water.

Several Artesian wells in Bulgaria, Germany, or North Macedonia contain naturally effervescent water. Today, commercially produced mineral water bottles contain added minerals, which is similar to that of sparkling water.

is sparkling water healthyWilliam Brownrigg was the first person to discover sparkling water in the early 1740s. However, since Joseph Priestley wrote it down at a later date, he takes the credit for its discovery. Large scale production of carbonated sparkling water started in factories across the United States only after 1781. 


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How Sparkling Water Differs From Its Counterparts?

Sparkling water differs from other bubbly drinks in the following ways: 

  • Compared to sparkling water, tonic water is bitter as it contains quinine and high levels of sugar.
  • Unlike sparkling water, mineral water is a naturally sourced bottled water.
  • Club soda, on the other hand, contains preservatives like sodium or potassium bicarbonate and table salt.

Multiple Uses of Sparkling Water 

Sparkling water has many appealing uses for the Americans. These include the following: 

1. Used in Making Alcoholic/Flavored Beverages

is carbonation bad for youIt’s a popular ingredient of alcoholic and non-alcoholic sugary drinks. It is also present in unsweetened and slightly flavoured beverages. Besides, punch it with fruit juices to make mocktails and squashes. You can also dilute your whisky, brandy, and Campari with sparkling water.

2. Great as Kitchen Equipment

It’s an important kitchen tool. Soak your veggies in soda water before boiling. You’ll spend less time cooking. You can get a slightly textured dough. Use of sparkling water can make any waffle batter more crunchy and you can even add it to scrambled eggs or fish batter. 

3. An Efficient Cleaning Agent 

Sparkling water is an efficient cleaning agent. You can obtain a professional jewellery cleaning finish. First, dip your jewellery in a mix of washing liquid and aerated water for 10 minutes and then scrub them off. It even removes stains from clothes.

4. A Beauty Enhancing Product

is seltzer water good for youYou can use sparkling water to keep your hair colour intact. After swimming, you can rinse your hair with fizzy water to reverse the damage of chlorine water.


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Top 5 Benefits of Sparkling Water

There are several health benefits of sparkling water. Some of the best ones include the following: 

1. Aids In Weight Loss

is flavored sparkling water bad for youDrinking sparkling water keeps you full for a longer time. Moreover, it is low in sugar. Hence, it aids in weight loss. You can prevent binge eating and guzzling down sugary drinks if you consume carbonated sparkling water in moderation. Remember to slowly sip this fizzy water to feel the change.

2. Improves Digestion

Improved digestion is an added advantage of sparkling water. It boosts the nerves required for eating. Hence, you swallow your food properly. It also stimulates bowel movement and reduces severe stomach pain and indigestion.

3. Good for Bone Health 

carbonated waterSparkling water can also improve bone health. Unlike the usual soda drinks, it lacks phosphorous that causes brittle bones, inducing water retention, thus, improving bone strength.


4. Maintains Heart Health

sparkling water benefitsAmong several benefits of carbonated sparkling water, maintaining a good heart is worth mentioning. It increases good cholesterol, which boosts heart health. It, therefore, reduces the potential risks of heart diseases. Sparkling water also minimizes inflammation, blood sugar, and insulin levels.

5. Keeps You Hydrated

is sparkling water bad for youSparkling water keeps you hydrated throughout the day. It increases your water intake. Since it tastes a little different, Americans prefer to drink it more than regular bland water.


Sparkling water is a zero-calorie refreshing beverage. Since it has less harmful acid it doesn’t affect your health. It has a positive impact on your well-being. If you relish soda, replace it with this bubbly water. You will love it for its pleasant sensation and many benefits.

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